Reasons to Avoid Playing Slot Machines for Free

Free play is a major perk of online slot machines.

One obvious advantage is that you can play free slots before committing to a real money account at an online casino. Another advantage of trying out different slot games without risking your own money is that you can save money.

With these two positives in mind, it's easy to see why so many people flock to free online slot games. However, you should be aware of a few potential negatives before you start playing free slots.

You Won't Get Any Actual Cash

The possibility of winning money on any given spin has been a major draw for players of slot machines since its introduction in the late 1800s.

If you want a shot at winning cash, you'll need to put up some money as collateral. The majority of gamblers, though, are willing to put up a few dollars if necessary.

Like with regular slot machines, free ones offer a chance to win, although in the form of more credits rather than cash. Unfortunately, these bonus credits only amount to bragging rights.

For a short while, seeing your credit total rise while you play may be interesting. However, after so much time invested, you probably need to talk about how your credit balance is holding up.

You should also consider the potential for regret in the event of a large jackpot while playing free slots.

To illustrate, consider the following:

You change the settings to place a bet of fifty cents per pay line. In as little as five minutes of game time, you can earn 10,000 credits by getting five wild symbols in a row on a pay line.

If you bet a maximum of 50 cents on each line, you'd win $5,000.

You Will Not Receive a Sign-Up Bonus or Be Eligible for Any Other Promotions

Deposit bonuses at online casinos like Wheregamble are an excellent method to boost your bankroll for spinning the reels.

To illustrate, consider the following:

One's initial deposit at an online casino can be doubled (up to a maximum of $1,000) with a 200% bonus. With this offer, a $500 deposit will get you a $1,000 bonus, subject to the promotion's wagering conditions.

When you factor in that online slots provide the casino an edge of 4% to 6%, it's clear that these bonus deals will always benefit the casino. If playing slots for real money is something you enjoy doing, you should take advantage of the bonus money being offered.

However, there is more that you are passing up because casinos also provide bonuses to gamers who wager real money.

One more thing you can't take advantage of when playing for free is the loyalty program. Casinos introduce various initiatives to encourage patrons to play more frequently and spend more money.

But to benefit from these features, you must play slots for real money. However, there are no benefits to playing free slot machines.

Playing Slot Machines for Free Offers Fewer Thrills

We're still in gaming options, with console video games and Zynga social games readily available. How therefore do slots differentiate themselves?

Many believe that the adrenaline rush they experience from putting their own money on the line sets slots apart from other types of gambling. When real money is at stake, every success and failure feels far more momentous.

Without the chance of winning real money, the excitement of playing free slots is diminished. A win of 3,000 credits is as exciting as a victory of one credit in free slots.

Free games aren't for you if you're the type of slot player who enjoys having a stake in each spin.

Free slot games can make you lose all appreciation for gaming online. You could get bored with spinning the reels for free if you do it for hours.

If you want to keep the thrill and fun of slot games going strong, try playing for real money, at least some of the time.

You'll Develop Horrible Habits for Managing Your Money

Playing slots for free might be an excellent method to hone your bankroll management skills before putting down cash. To keep the game entertaining throughout a free session, it is essential to learn how to maximize the value of your initial 1,000 credits by strategic betting.

In reality, many gamblers bet irrationally since they have nothing to lose. Playing with more active pay lines will allow you to unlock bonus rounds and other special bonuses. This differs from the desired outcome when exercising responsible bankroll management in a slot game.

However, when you play slots for real money, you have to be extra careful with your money because it's on the line.


Free slot machine gaming has its advantages, as I said before. You may play games and check out online casinos without putting down any cash.

Remember the drawbacks mentioned above before spending hours playing free slot machines.

The biggest downside to free slot games is that no real stakes are involved. Many people who play slot machines do so because they enjoy the excitement of winning or losing money.

Free slot games also don't allow you to earn loyalty points or enter bonus contests. Some people play slots to win these prizes, which is a major draw for them.

When playing free slots as a practice for real money games, you may notice that smart bankroll management is only sometimes simulated. The bad money management habits you pick up when playing free slots are real.

This isn't to say you can't have fun playing free slots despite my warnings; you might. However, you should immediately think about playing real money slots if any of the abovementioned issues sound like serious deterrents.

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