Reasons to make Kuwait your next vacation destination

Above: Souk Sharq Marina and Kuwait City at dusk. (PHOTO: ISTOCK)

Kuwait is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Every year thousands of tourists throng to Kuwait to spend their vacations or to conduct business meetings and attend events. However, it remains very important for visitors to consider a few crucial facts before planning their trip.

Why Should You Visit Kuwait?

Kuwait has a lot to offer to the globetrotters, although it seems unconventional for many to plan a vacation to Kuwait. Culture, history, and fantastic food are the key attractions inviting tourist to the country.

Pristine landscapes make it a destination for great outdoor activities  — making Kuwait an ideal destination for revisits.

A long awaiting parliament and constitution among Gulf nations had surfaced for the first time in Kuwait. One of the tallest towers bearing a sculpture is located in Kuwait. The Al Hamra Tower is the 15th tallest in this world. Being the highest tower in the world, it is the pride of Kuwait city.

The age-old traditions of the Kuwaitis, the history of their trading experiences, their past glories and their regular activities are symbolized by the historical museum, which was crafted by Michel Ecochard, a French architect.

What to Pack for Traveling in Kuwait

The Kuwaitis wear conservative attire while attending a business meeting. It is a practice for men to wear suits that are conservative in style, light in weight and very fine in quality. Clothes that are tight-fitted, skimpy or revealing should be avoided by women.

You must carry your travel insurance papers to be able to counter untoward incidents like that of baggage losses, ailments, and accidents. You must also carry your medicines, books, sunscreens, and passport without a doubt.

It Is Cheap to Get There

A plethora of flights makes their way to Kuwait from the neighbouring countries. Some 140 flights will make it to Kuwait regularly from various corners of the globe. Mumbai, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Udaipur are some of the cities that run flights to Kuwait.

Many websites can help you book flights to Kuwait and back within a very short time. If you plan on a visit during the off-season and during festivities, you’re likely to catch up with the topmost discounts. You may end up saving a hefty sum from a last min affordable booking.

Befriend Budget Airlines

International Airport in Kuwait is the most important airport. Most international cities are connected to Kuwait via the leading airline services across the world. Jet Airways and FlyDubai online booking enable you to check out the best discount offer over the year.

Religious Respect in Kuwait

The Kuwaiti constitution supports substantial freedom of religious beliefs. Sharia is set as the base of the Kuwaiti legislation, while the primary religion of the entire state is Islam. The state norms are usually tolerant of other religions.

Lifestyle & Culture of Kuwait

While supporting the abolition of large music events, nightclubs, and pubs, Kuwait even forbids the consumption of alcohol. However, you will come across a plethora of cinemas, restaurants, cafes, and family parties. A subtle combination of Bedouin and urban traditions laid the foundation for Kuwaiti culture. The social values owe much of their roots to Islam.

Pamper Your Taste Buds

If you are fond of spicy mutton or chicken, you may opt for a delicacy cooked with basmati rice known as Machboos. For dressing Biryanis, Kuwaitis often opt for sea fishes, although they have their local fish delicacies like the Safi, Sobaity, and Zbaidi. Garnished with sesame seeds, their flatbread, Iranian khubz is quite large and fits in well with their tradition. It is served with a kind of fish sauce called Mahyawa. For those of you that are inclined towards sweet dishes, the Khabeesa does the job.

Best Eateries in Kuwait

During your stay in Kuwait City, you will gain an equal taste of Arabic delicacies as that of their culture. You may choose to have your dinner through the smoking glass of a star hotel or book your table at a remote corner inside an old firehouse. Taking a view around within a wooden boat and having your lunch is also a possibility. Pick just about anything from Lebanese to Puerto Rican.

Tourist Places in Kuwait

Kuwait is a gulf nation and its capital is the Kuwait city. The Grand Mosque draws all attention with the dome in the form of a chandelier and its expansive interior. You are bound to feel drawn towards the garden adjacent to the watchtower belonging to the Seif Palace that depicts a neo-Arabic style of the 19th Century. The National Museum is another place of historic interest for tourists.

Where to Stay In Kuwait

Alongside the most authentic Arabic customs, their ancient charm has still kept them less commercialized than that of their neighbors in the Middle East. Kuwait City has a long coastline that boasts a row of holiday homes, villas, and apartments. The Adams Hotel, City Tower Hotel, Kuwait Towers and Marna Hotel are amongst the favorites with tourists.

Photos: Unsplash