Reasons Why TBC Classic is Less Popular Than it Could Have Been

Why is TBC Classic less popular than everyone expected? There are reasons why the population of this game is dwindling slowly. The game is not dead, of course, but there’s a downward slope of things for sure.

Well, one of the reasons why this happened could be the release window. The game came out in summer, and not only it wasn’t as big of a release as Classic, but TBC also came out during the period when the safety restrictions were getting easier, and as a result, many preferred to just spend some time outside, meeting friends they didn’t see for a long time and just enjoy the weather together. This was also when the 9.1 for Shadowlands was released. So, many hardcore meta-following gamers simply abandoned TBC and returned to Classic to catch the race to new ilvl. Because Blizzard took too long to release 9.1, players got tired of Shadowlands, so they left it for Classic.

But now, the situation is the polar opposite. It’s the content drought, not much is going on right now, except maybe for the fact that some of the most devoted fans are still in the game farming the PvP arenas and battlegrounds, or doing some raids. The game can always give you that second breath and make you fall in love with it no matter what’s going on. Only recently that’s hard to do, which is why a huge mass of fans have abandoned the game. In other words the times are dire, however, we must see an opportunity in any negative situation. And there’s lots of opportunities right now.

What happens now is many gamers want to try both versions, but it’s simply impossible to progress in both since the progression slope is just too steep in both games. There’s simply not enough time to be good at both games.

But for those who want to catch up with TBC content, there’s actually a great service provider that can completely relieve you of the need to spend insane amounts of time in the game. Most people create a new character, meaning they have to do all of the low-lvl stuff – go through the beginner zones, grind mobs and so on. That part of the game is the same in both versions of Classic, there’s no new content in there. Assuming how much time will be wasted on things like travelling, the combat duration and the recovery from said combat, its fair to say that by the time you get to the actual BC content you’ll be tired of the game.

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