• By: Keith Whittier

Sam Roberts Band Kicks off Blues Fest 2017

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Photos by Andre Gagne

“We’re going to set off a fire-” were Sam’s starting words, as he amped the crowd up for the first evening of Blues Fest last night. “Not a literal fire, but a metaphorical fire by kicking off this year’s lineup.”

All ages slowly made their way to the Claridge stage to witness the band’s musical integrity. With nothing to hide, except the love to create music, they once again shared their honest messages of love, politics, and human relationships. 

As the set went on, there was a total grounded feeling throughout the crowd. “Feels like a home away from home” Sam commented, referring to the capital city. Which makes complete sense as some of the musicians grew up in Montreal.

If the SRB has lived up to any reputation, it has to be as a live band.

The continuously relevant lyrics mixed with an authentic overall passion, delivers a great performance.  Whether or not Sam’s veins were going to pop out of his neck soon became a topic of discussion near the front row gate.

As his very brief hour-and-fifteen minute show came to a close, he ended with the classic 2003 hit Brother Down. “First time this song ever played on radio was right here in Ottawa,” he said before a proud uproar of cheers. Midway through the song he brought on the members of Tribe Royal, a local Ottawa band, to celebrate the final song.

Until next time Sam.

You can catch the guys in Thunder Bay tonight, before they fly off to Calgary and then onto three days in New York state.