Savoury muffins are great for lunch

I have always associated muffins as being something sweet and slightly decadent but food in general and how we use and perceive it is changing all the time. This week, I want to share with you the idea that muffins can also be savoury and how this can help you in so many ways, especially with going back to work and/or school.

Savoury muffins are a great addition to your bank of recipes. Cook up a batch of them to have during the week. Not only are they easy to make but they can be stored in the fridge for a couple of days or kept in the freezer. For those looking for an easy lunch, they can be taken out of the freezer in the morning and will be defrosted by lunchtime.

We tend to think of lunch options as either sandwiches or soups but adding a savoury muffin can mix things up. You can make a great lunch box by adding a savoury muffins, a dip and some crackers.

From a nutritional perspective savoury egg muffins are a fantastic source of protein, which is known to keep us feeling fuller for longer. And, when adding a variety of vegetables, this just becomes a real jewel. They provide you with plenty of fiber, vitamins, and nutrients, which are very much needed daily.

The beauty with savoury muffins is that they can be a great way of incorporating vegetables, such as mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, carrots—the options are almost endless. For those who don’t eat enough vegetables, adding savoury muffins to your diet can be a very simple way to start. Savoury muffins do not have to be only egg based, whole wheat flour can also be used. Add some chopped vegetables and feta cheese to create an alternative snack or lunch option for vegans.

Savoury muffins can also be adapted for people who are gluten free or vegetarian. For those looking for a little more substance, add some cooked sausage. The spinach sausage muffins pictured above are one of my favourites. The pork sausage can be substituted for chicken or turkey.

These muffins are small, so I often pack them in recycled jam jars, fitting two to in a jar. This makes them easy to transport and can be part of a school lunch box. Savoury muffins are easy to eat, especially for children who are on the go.

On evenings when you’ve run out of dinner ideas, why not have a savoury muffin with a mixed salad and some whole wheat bread or crackers? The muffins can even be crumbled and added to some stir-fry rice as a simple dinner option. I have even chopped them up and added them to a salad, with a handful of nuts and a dressing.

Why not give me them a try?

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