Setting Up Home Entertainment: Top Ideas for 2023

In 2023, more people have been getting out of the house than in previous years. In fact, many locations and events have been flooded with tourists (and locals) as they seek out new adventures. It seems there’s been a renewed spirit of adventure around the world.

But that doesn’t mean everyone wants to leave the comfort of home. In fact, after tinkering with their at-home setups during 2020 and 2021, some have a great reason not to leave. They’ve got a killer entertainment center and they know how to use it—and it’s done a lot more than turn movie night into a cinematic experience.

For example, Ontario recently launched its online gaming market. This means that games like roulette are accessible straight from the comfort of home. Today, players can learn roulette basics like how the board is set up numerically before diving into strategies like the Nightingale and reverse-Nightingale. But this virtual casino trip is only as convincing as their at-home setup allows.

If you’re looking to take the cinema or roulette table into your living room, then explore the topics below, which focus on the best entertainment-centric ideas and gadgets available in 2023.

Focus On a Specific Activity

Let’s stick with the roulette example from above. A group of players at home will have the best experience if they have sufficient audio and visuals to work with—but they may need certain software to achieve this, such as something that includes live-streaming capabilities. That’s because many casino platforms offer live dealer games, which allow a player to interact with a real-life dealer as they spin the roulette wheel.

This brings up a great point: the more specific you can get around which activities you want to enjoy at home, the better you can tailor your setup. A setup that can handle live-streaming is a must-have for gaming and watching films and shows. But other basics might be surround sound (via a sound bar) or even a karaoke microphone and app if that’s something your friends enjoy.

Get Into Graphics

Along with zeroing in on your entertainment center’s focus, you’ll also want to prioritize graphic quality. After all, you’ll be using a screen at some point. Keep in mind today that some of the best and most flexible options are projectors. Compared to massive TVs, these are easier to move from room to room.

You can also target projectors that offer broad or narrow angles, are designed to be projected onto a ceiling or another type of surface, are safe to use outdoors, and can handle light pollution. The best projector brands are Epson, Anker, BenQ, and Optoma. However, depending on your needs, you may need to target a more affordable and accessible brand.

Immerse Yourself

One of the most popular trends in at-home entertainment is mixed reality. Mixed reality incorporates elements of augmented and virtual reality. The focus is usually on VR headsets from Oculus, HTC, or Sony. However, there are a few ways that this technology can be used and adapted for at-home entertainment.

First and foremost, consider using an AR app that lets you visualize changes to your space. This is a great first step in using technology to help you renovate and optimize your entertainment space. But the most exciting ways to immerse yourself aren’t related to redecorating. Instead, they’re all about immersion.

If you have access to VR technology and hardware, then you can explore new worlds straight from the comfort of your home. But beware—you’ll want to prioritize breathing space when you use your device. Be sure that your setup allows space for you to wander a bit, including hand, arm, and leg movements, as many VR devices include hand and even foot sensors.

Another important consideration relates to storing this type of technology. In fact, this is a relevant note for anyone who has a gamer at home who uses a console or handheld device. If you’re upgrading your entertainment space, then explore gadgets and stands for controllers and headsets. Because most technology is now wireless, there should be little reason for clutter.

Photo credit: Pexels