Should you tip your contractor?

Angi, formerly known as Angie's List, knows that hiring a home remodeling contractor is not something that the average homeowner does many times throughout their life. As such, it is only common to have questions when you are working with a contractor, including whether this is a type of individual that should be tipped or expects to be tipped. Here is more information about hiring a remodel designer and etiquette when it comes to tipping contractors. 

Do You Need to Tip a Remodeling Contractor? 

Here at Angi, we have spent a lot of time talking to contractors. Our studies have found that it is not customary to tip a remodeling or renovation contractor. Unlike restaurant staff who traditionally have a low hourly wage and rely on tips to increase that wage, contractors receive a fair wage for the work they do. As such, they are not reliant on tips and this position is not a position that is typically tipped. According to recent studies, only around six percent of contractors and seven percent of handymen expect to be tipped. This is very low, which is indicative of an industry that is not often tipped. 

Reasons You May Want to Consider Tipping a Contractor

When it is not standard and customary to tip a contractor who is helping to remodel or renovate your home, you may want to consider tipping a contractor if they went above and beyond to help you. For example, if you changed up the remodeling plans multiple times, and the contractor was accommodating, you may want to tip them. Or, if they came in early or stayed late to help you with a specific project, you may  want to consider tipping your contractor. It is important to note that remodeling and renovation projects are expensive, and as such, if you are tipping, you do not have to tip a percentage of the project. Instead of 10 percent, giving a contractor who helped extra $20 cash or a $20 gift card is sufficient. 

Alternatives to Cash Tips

While cash is king when it comes to tipping, there are many ways you can thank the contractors who helped you with a remodeling or renovation project without providing them with a cash tip. Many contractors enjoy when a client treats them to lunch on the job, provides them with coffee or cold drinks during breaks, bakes them delicious goodies, or even gives them gift cards. Catering a meal or always having drinks and snacks out can go a long way to thanking those who are working hard in your home to make your vision a reality. 

How to Find Out If a Contractor Can Accept Tips

Before you hire a contractor, you will first need to find out if they can accept tips and what they can accept. Some companies or unions may have rules or contracts that prohibit employees from accepting cash tips or accepting expensive tips. If you are unsure if your contractors accept tips and what they can accept, reach out to the company they work for. Ask to speak to a manager or supervisor, as they can give you honest feedback on tipping their employees. If contractors cannot be tipped, consider putting in a good word with their bosses and leaving positive reviews on the Internet. Good feedback can be a great alternative when cash is not an option. 

When you go out to a restaurant or to get your hair done, you expect to tip the professional who waited on you and served you. However, when it comes to tipping a contractor, many homeowners are confused as to whether professionals expect it or whether it is common. Angi, formerly known as Angie's List, advises that tipping is not a must and is not standard for contractors. However, if a contractor goes above and beyond helping them, a small tip or token of appreciation is acceptable. 

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