Signs it is time to replace your sump pump

Water that flows into your basement goes to the lowest point. This is why in waterproofing Toronto, your contractor may recommend installing a sump pit and a submersible sump pump at the lowest point in your basement. It is the job of the sump pump to pull water away from the foundation and prevent flooding in the basement. While these pumps require minimal maintenance, they need to be replaced every couple of years. But how do you know it is time to replace your sump pump? Here are the top warning signs.

The pump makes strange noises

If you detect unusual noise coming from the sump pump, this is a sign of damaged or worn parts. In most cases, when the motor noise is too much, it is a sign the bearings in the motor have failed. A grinding or rattling noise, on the other hand, often means the impeller is either damaged or jammed. You should replace the sump pump if you notice any of these signs.

Excessive vibration when running

The impeller is the fan at the bottom of the pump that pulls water into the pump. Sucking up hard debris can cause the impeller to bend. When the impeller is damaged or bent, it will cause the whole system to wobble. The wobbling creates added stress on the shaft and causes a strange noise. If you detect any of these, it is time to replace the pump because re-bending the impeller properly is virtually impossible.

Runs all the time

If your sump pump runs constantly, there might be a switch problem. The float is what causes a smooth operation of the on/off switch. The sump pump relies on the float arm mechanism and the switch to run properly. You may start dealing with switch problems when the pump shifts in the basin. This leads to the ineffective operation or the switch may even be disconnected from the power source. If your sump pump has been running nonstop for no reason, it may be incapable of handling the water load, or the switch or float arm mechanism may be damaged. You may have to replace it.

Irregular cycling

Something may be wrong if your sump pump keeps on cycling on and off frequently. The issue may be caused by an incorrectly adjusted float switch which may be causing the pump to malfunction. Irregular cycling can also be caused by wiring malfunctions.

Frequent power outages

In most cases, the sump pump is wired directly into your home’s electrical system. Some components of the pump are vulnerable to damage from power surges. If they are damaged, the pump will fail or malfunction.

Other signs you need to get your sump pump replaced include the following:

  • Visible rust on the sump pump
  • The pump is more than 7 years old
  • The motor gets stuck at times
  • The motor stops working

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