Simple steps to getting your band booked at shows

Some new musicians can have a difficult time getting booked to perform. When you’re just starting out, there are a few things you should do to help get yourself in front of the right people. In this article we’ll share a few quick tips on getting your band booked for shows.

Attend local music events

One of the best ways to start getting your band booked is to make yourself known in the local music community. You can do this easily by attending events and shows where others are performing. Think about what you want for one brief moment. You objective is to get your band booked to play in front of eager music lovers. But until you get there, you can attend the shows of bands who are already performing in front of people.

Attend their events and take notes. By this we mean, learn how to conduct yourself as a professional musician, as well as simply showing support for other local bands.

Build your connections

While you are out and about your local music scene, start building your connections. Get to know other local musicians, promoters, venue owners, and key players in the scene. Knowing these important people will help you get booked in the future. This could lead to nice opportunities to perform, such as opening up for bands that are already established in your area. Not only will this be a chance to perform in front of an audience, but it will give you access to people who might become fans of your band.

Create a professional press kit

Promoters and venue owners might require something a bit more professional before they decide to book your band. That’s why it might be a good idea to create a professional press kit. This could be done the old-fashioned way with a tangible product such as a demo CD, photo of the band, brief brio, and list of references or performance clips. It could also be done in a digital format through email or your website. If your band is on a budget, then choosing an electronic press kit is probably a better option because you won’t have to worry about production costs on the items.

As you attend other music events and meet important people, be sure to give them a copy of your press kit and explain that you are interested in performing at a future show.

Play at open mic nights

Another good option is to start performing at open mic nights in your hometown. This will not only provide you with extra experience but could also lead to new connections for future opportunities. By attending and performing at more open mic nights, you’ll be introduced to a variety of bands and talented performers. This could lead to future collaborations or perhaps you’ll meet an experienced veteran who would be willing to serve as a mentor and provide helpful tips along the way. In either case, you’ll be way ahead of the game.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can do a quick search online for “entertainment near me” to locate available nights to perform with your band.

Don’t have an ego

While you might be attracted to the glamor and glitz of rockstar life portrayed in some media publications, you should avoid developing any type of ego as a performer. Trying to emulate rockstars that you see in the tabloids could have a negative effect on your career, especially when you’re just starting out. A better approach would be to stay humble and be grateful for every opportunity to perform that comes your way. Most importantly, be kind to your fans and those that book you to perform and it will lead to better opportunities along the way.