Sleep deprivation, and ways to deal with this disorder

Sleep deprivation is a very common ailment in today's day and age. With too much stress and anxiety in today's age with our families being nuclear, we are often left with no-one to share our thoughts with. This likely gives rise to loneliness which also results in deprivation of sleep and could further result in other severe mental illnesses if not treated properly.

Sleep deprivation or sleep insufficiency is the condition of not having proper sleep to support the daily activities of a person resulting in several ailments in the person. It can be chronic or acute and may vary in severity.

When a person does not sleep at all or doesn't sleep for a short period that can be termed as acute sleep deprivation, while chronic sleep deprivation is when a person routinely sleeps less than its required amount of sleep.

Though several medicinal processes can be used to cure sleep deprivation some other remedies can also be used to cure sleep deprivation but in case of severe chronic sleep deprivation it is very much necessary to visit a doctor to look for a proper cure to recover from sleep deprivation.

One of the easiest remedies to ease off sleep deprivation is a lifestyle change. Leading a healthy lifestyle with an intake of a more fiber-based diet will solve most of the acute sleep deprivation, But in today's fast day and age, it is difficult to do the same. Therefore we have to have to look for a solution that is very balanced and doesn't hamper our lifestyle much.

Calming teas

Tea is often known for its stimulating effect on humans when they consume it because of its caffeine content. It is known to boost energy and it often finds its reference in refined traditions and relaxation. Besides caffeine tea also contopertiesains L-theanine promotes relaxation while decreasing stress and anxiety.

There are several rituals around the world to drink a soothing cup of tea before sleep but recently these have been associated with a cure to sleep deprivation. If Tea in reality is so useful to calm people before sleep, then What are the best calming teas?

 Below we have a list of some of the tea that helps you calm while going to sleep.

Chamomile tea:- Chamomile tea is the most recommended tea to cure sleep deprivation. Chamomile Plants and flowers have long been used as a traditional medicine to cure a  wide range of diseases in the Middle East and Europe. With the introduction of the tea tradition in Europe, people started using dried chamomile flowers infused in hot water which was soon very much popular among Europeans, and then it slowly and gradually conquered the world. Chamomile contains a chemical known as flavonoids. These flavonoids are responsible to promote relaxation and calmness in a person. It is also a great anti-oxidant and has great anti-microbial properties. It is generally mild in flavor and is enjoyed best with honey or lemon or both.

Green Tea: Unoxidised or unprocessed tea native to China and India, green tea is almost the foremost recommendation for health-conscious people or people who are fighting obesity. It also has several antioxidants and other related chemicals that prevent heart disease or control cholesterol levels. Besides all these green tea also has a calming effect on our minds. An Amino acid found in tea known as Theanine helps people combat stress and anxiety thus leading to calm and sound sleep. Though it has a minimal amount of caffeine in it still is one of the most potent answers to cure sleep deprivation herbally.

Passion Flower Tea: Native to the American Continent Passion Flower Tea is often recommended to cure anxiety and stress. It is also known to act as a mild sedative therefore is also recommended as a cure to sleep deprivation. It has a very earthy flavor which can be enriched with the addition of honey. Its floral brew with its smooth relaxing taste can improve one's sleeping experience. 

Lemon BalmTea: Derived from the Lemon balm plant these plants had long been used to cure a lot of ailments and had been very effective to cure stress and anxiety due to their mild sedative properties. The taste of the tea is very sharp and has a hint of mint in it. It helps in calming down the nerves, relieves stress and is and is one of the most efficient ways to cure sleep deprivation.

 Thus, teas can be a major remedy to cure sleep deprivation.  Besides these wide ranges of teas, there is also another process that can be utilized along with tea to gain relief from sleep deprivation.

Comfortable mattresses

For a proper and comfortable sleep, a comfortable mattress is very much required. The ideal mattress has the ability to ease away all your stress. But most of the mattresses require a box spring. A box spring is a base of wooden slats that has metal springs evenly distributed through it. It is used to support the mattress that is placed on top of it and to evenly distribute body weight, thus making one's sleep more comforting. It helps the mattress to provide more support. But box springs are also not devoid of issues; the metal spring often weather out or bend under pressure and can break. So is a box spring really needed to support the mattress?

Box springs aren’t ideal for supporting mattresses and the above paragraph gives one more than one instance to believe so. Besides, a memory foam mattress that is spring-free doesn't require any support as it is very sturdy and stable. These mattresses come with solid surfaces without any springs, coils, or grids around them and are fit to support the body, and don't require a box spring for support. Besides, these mattresses that support the body evenly. Box springs come at an added cost; its a question of value. People today are more reluctant to buy strong bed frames that support memory foam-based mattresses that distribute the weight of the body mass evenly around the bed.

Historically, box springs were ideal, with a proper mattress, to enhance the sleeping experience while also curing several forms of sleep deprivation but with the advent of modern technology and foam-based mattresses the need for box springs have been eliminated. People nowadays are looking for cost-effective ways to achieve comfort, thus bed bases with sturdy mattresses are preferred over box springs. In addition, foam-based mattresses are very convenient. Most manufacturers give you the option to buy a mattress in a box online with shipping directly to your doorstep. It is now so easier than ever to purchase a new mattress.

Finally while concluding it can be stated that sleep deprivation is a serious ailment that requires proper medical attention and can be easily cured. A healthy diet with a proper lifestyle change can improve anyone's sleep depravity along with regular intake of calming tea and the proper sleeping/mattress choice of can accelerate one's recovery.