Solar Panels: Should You Even Bother Getting Them?

Are you thinking of installing solar panels for your home? Solar rooftop panels are now made more affordable, efficient, and sturdier than they have ever been. They are now also more easily accessible by anyone looking to get them for their property.

We have gathered the top benefits of solar energy that you can take advantage of the most.

You Qualify for Tax Breaks, Rebates, and Cash Incentives.

Some people opt for solar panels via third-party ownership, which allows them all the system's benefits for very low monthly rates. On the other hand, others opt to buy their solar panel systems outright. Based on your location, you can cover a hefty portion of the cost of your solar panel system, and you can even pay it back in a short amount of time due to the federal solar tax credit, local rebates, net metering, and more.

For example, ontario solar incentives feature tax credits and tax exemptions subject to how you qualify, which could result in a considerably high amount of savings on your part.

You Have Control Over Your Electricity.

Home solar panels can free you from total dependence on utility companies with expensive electric bills. When you have freedom from utility companies, you help yourself avoid costly electricity rates and have reliable backup power in case of an outage. 

The cost of electricity at any given location has risen by 15% over the past decade, which has become a trend that predictably continues. Solar service agreements now feature lower and less expensive fixed rates than your electric company's. Thus, you pay less for power when you decide to go for solar panels.

Electricity is more costly in periods of peak demand and less costly during low-demand periods. With solar panels installed on your home, you can veer away from paying the most expensive rates under a Time-Of-Use (TOU) rate structure while maximizing your energy savings.

Having solar panels installed in your home will give you freedom from any blackout. Even the most advanced countries experience a high number of power-outage minutes. This will only get worse due to future extreme weather events and in the face of extreme weather events and aging power grids. Solar panels are powered by solar energy and rid you of the inconvenience and expense of getting fuel for a gas or diesel-powered generator.

You Use Clean And Renewable Energy.

A solar panel system is clean, free from harmful emissions, and uses renewable energy sources. Compared to fossil fuels like coal and natural gas, home solar does not produce pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions like carbon dioxide that harmfully affect the water and air quality.

These sun-powered panels can prevent billions' worth of health and environmental damage with lesser air pollution. Most importantly, more lives are saved. A household that switches to solar panels can stop burning thousands of pounds of coal, resulting in alarming levels of carbon emissions.

The significance of using solar panels is significant. Imagine if the solar energy received on the entire planet is captured for an hour, the energy is enough to power the whole world for a solid year. It lessens the world's carbon footprint. At the same time, you also help eliminate harmful emissions from burning fossil fuels. Renewable energy technologies, like solar panels, play an essential role in a healthier future for humankind.

Your Home Value Increased.

An increase in home value is true for those who installed solar panels for their property by an average of 4.1%, meaning that a home valued at $500,000 increases by $20,500. Although numbers vary on each installation and property, studies reveal an average increase in resale value between $4,000 and $6,000 per kilowatt of solar panels installed.

The cost of an average rooftop solar installation is generally regained in the property's sale price. Households that install solar panels have lower energy bills and good tax incentives that cover the expenses on the system many times over the life of the warranty.

The duration of a solar-powered home on the market often varies by location. A solar panel installation will help sell your home faster than homes without solar panels.

Installing home solar panels is an excellent investment. Whether upgrading your home for a future sale or making it your home for keeps, your property value generally increases significantly.

The Takeaway

The cost of home solar panels has significantly dropped in recent years, and the expense has fallen more than 70% in the past ten years. Look for a home solar service agreement that makes renewable energy accessible and affordable. Great deals can offer a guarantee of up to 25 years. 

You need to consider how clean energy sources like home solar panels are what you need to help keep air quality at its best, get reliable power, and protect your community and the environment.

Image Credit: Pexels