Some Thoughts on Aging

I am withering away
No matter where I lie
My youth has left me bankrupt
Old and gray and hung out to dry
I can’t remember what I should forget
Nor forget what I should remember
My eyes are tired and my hair is white
I fear some night that a thief
Will come and steal my sight
I’m taxed to the limit in physical pain
And imprisoned by a world
That’s driving me insane
Last week I sold my soul
To some false prophet
So what I said without a fight
For there comes a time
When you do not care
What’s wrong or right?
Time takes your sex drive
And then takes your legs
Before long you have no hair
So all you can do is simply sit and stare
With one eye closed and the other lazy
You reach a point where you’re going crazy
What I’ve got left I would gladly sell
To all and sunder if I didn’t think
I was going to completely disintegrate
In the next storm’s thunder

By Darryl T Davies