Spanish wine itinerary: Best wineries to visit in Spain

Spain is well known for its scattered wine stops with great collections that vary from place to place. While the locals might be able to tell you a lot when you happen to visit a place, as a Canadian Traveller you might not know much about where to get started.

You can pick out some of the most comprehensive Europe trips with the best stop-ins at wineries. To spare you some of the trouble we have come with a list of the best wineries that you MUST visit in Spain!

1. La Rioja

When getting started on your wine escapade, we’d recommend starting with the best-known wine land in Spain, La Rioja. Being situated in the high elevations of the Rioja Alta, the climate and scenic views are truly worth the visit. Set up in early 1973, the collection of Reserva and Gran Reserva wines in combination with the best local food is a real delight. This is a stop where you can enjoy a fresh plate of delicacies together with light wines from the land. A sure ‘must visit’ in Spain!

2. Viñas del Vero

The Viñas del Vero is located at the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. A leading winery in its own right, this is one that truly believes in the fine art of wine making. Unlike most other wine destinations, a wide variety of indigenous and even international grape varieties are served here. At your stay here you can walk through the vineyards while tasting their creations. Visit this stop for some inspiring wine sips and a multitude of surprises!

3. Bodegas San Alejandro

Bodegas San Alejandro is situated in Calatayud, a hilly rugged terrain that serves some of the best wines. The place holds a deep historic value with one of the oldest winepresses dating back to 153 BC. You can come here for rapid wine tastings, tours while also getting a peak into a hands-on experience of how the wine is made. For some juicy and spicy wines with a captivating vineyard experience, this can be the go-to winery on your list!

4. Bodega Delgado Zuleta

A winery located in the coastal regions of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Bodega Delgado Zuleta is the oldest winery in Marco de Jerez. With its roots dating way back o 1744, it can uncover a lot about traditional wine making and related activities. Get an insight into winemaking while tasting some typical seafood popular in the region. Known for its authentic, raw and unfiltered wines, this one is a go-to for all wine lovers!

Want to taste some fine wine and cheese? These are the best wineries in Spain that you can include within your itinerary. Extend your stay to enjoy some local delicacies while also enjoying your stay and view. Wine tasting is as much an art as winemaking and you can be the artist now! You can book Spanish trains with dedicated stops to these wineries and discover true authentic wine!

Which winery is at the top of your list?