Sponsor the Levy Institute

 Dear Friends, 

I am writing this note in the hope that you, like me, will have an interest in sponsoring one of the few institutions of fair-minded economic thinking.

The Levy Institute conducts research programs and offers solutions to a myriad of politically fouled economic issues abounding in today’s world. The Institute is clear in its objectives, which are clearly to explore and present, without prejudice, the answers to issues confronting economic difficulties worldwide, offering macro solutions reaching deeply into all strata of economic reality.

unnamed-1Founded by the great investor Leon Levy in honor of his father Jerome, and built upon the economic principals of Hyman Minsky, perhaps the most important economic thinker since Lord Maynard Keynes, the Levy Institute occupies the prime position in the field of independent progressive economic thinking today. Leon Levy meant for the Institution to carry forward in perpetuity. Sadly, the arrangements were incomplete at the time of his death.

The Institution is crucial to the exploration of economic reality. I am calling on all of you to support the Levy Institute. Below is a request for donations. Here is a link to a paper called Destabilizing an Unstable Economy (you might visit the website for more and even subscribe to the work of the Institute).

Without institutions such as the Levy Institute economic thinking will continue to veer to the right, to austerity, to penalizing the poor for the benefit of the rich and ultimately leading to complete social disintegration. We must not allow the continued degradation of economic thinking sold to the world to further the cause of the right wing, GREED.

Asher Edelman