Start the day strong with these grab-and-go breakfasts

Missed alarms, stubborn teenagers and spilt milk are just some of the reasons you and your kids might be missing a healthy breakfast. But building a menu of a few grab-and-go breakfast ideas can help you never miss it again. Here, Brittany Thomas, a registered dietitian at Loblaws, shares her favourite ready-to-eat breakfasts that will give your family a great start to the day.

Egg muffins. Incorporating protein in your breakfast is one tactic you can use to stay full until lunch. Muffin tins, eggs and your favourite veggies are all it takes to make egg muffins. To get additional fibre, add some whole wheat bread crumbs. Egg muffins can be stored in your fridge for up to four days to get you through most of the week without any morning prep. Enjoy them cold or pop them in the microwave covered in a damp paper towel for on your way out the door.

Fruit smoothies. “When many people think smoothies, they think fruit, but smoothies can also be a source of calcium, protein, fibre and healthy fat,” says Thomas. Some of her top ingredient recommendations include ground nuts or seeds, coconut flakes, kefir, nut or pea butter, almond milk and a sneaky serving of spinach or kale. “My secret ingredient is PC Blue Menu Ancient Grains and Super Seed Blend since it's high in fibre and a source of omega-3 polyunsaturates that the kids don't even know they're getting.” For a fast exit, fill your blender cups the night before and store them in the fridge so they're ready to go in the morning.

Oatmeal breakfast bars. Speaking of fibre, whole wheat bread and cereals are great, but the kids may have a little more fun with oatmeal breakfast bars. “There are tons of great breakfast bar recipes online and they're a snap to make on Sunday nights,” says Thomas. For extra protein to get you through to lunch, make a sandwich with two squares, a little nut or pea butter, some sliced banana or a spot of jam.

Trail mix bites. Trail mix, oats, pea or nut butter and coconut are all you really need for some stellar no-bake trail mix bites. “Recipes and meal planning are among the free services we offer in the store, and the parents I've shared my trail mix bites recipe with say their kids can't get enough of them,” says Thomas. Make a big batch on the weekend and store them in your fridge for the work week.