• By: Allen Brown

Statement pieces for your garden

With summer finally here and temperatures warming up, the garden becomes the home’s focal point once again. Desperate to catch a few rays and enjoy the fresh summer air, it is time to clean out the BBQ and dust off the garden furniture, or better yet, invest in some new statement pieces to make your garden pop and provide you with a space that you don’t want to leave. Here are a few ideas of statement garden pieces that can make your garden stand out.

Adirondack chairs

Investing in an Adirondack chair will add timeless class and comfort to your garden. Adirondack chairs take their name from the Adirondack mountains as a result of their unique design. You can lounge back in comfort on a seat that is higher at the front than the back, complete with a tall slatted back and wide armrests. It is this unique design that gives you a great seating posture and exceptional comfort. Simply put, Adirondack chairs are not your average lawn chair. They stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, and if that isn’t enough, opt for a brightly colored chair to really make that statement.

Garden pods

Create the perfect sanctuary to escape in your garden with a garden pod. A garden pod can take many forms; it can be used as an office, a spare room, a bar, or simply a special seating area. They can be bespoke or bought as standard. There is no limit to their design. They come in all shapes and sizes, all colors and materials, and can have any interior fitments or furniture you desire; What is more, they are easy to install. Garden pods are the ultimate statement piece for your luxe-looking garden.

Fire pits

Fire pits are becoming more and more popular and are a great social peace for your garden. They create a warm and ambient atmosphere to take off the late summer chills when sat outside. However, what is great about them is that they can be used all year round as they are an excellent source of heat and light. Fire pits come in all shapes, sizes, and price points. You can opt for the smaller, moveable round pits or perhaps the larger permanent feature fire pits circled with oversized soft cushions. Simply add hot chocolate or put together the s’mores in front of the pit and enjoy the perfect family night in around the new hub of your garden.

Egg chairs

The egg chair is 2021’s fashion furniture must-have. They are every interior Instagrammers must have a piece that complements any lawn, patio or conservatory. The most popular type is the egg, pod-shaped chair that hangs from an overarching frame. They create a cocooning effect and are set in an open weave. The chairs hang and swing and are the perfect spot for sitting, relaxing or reading a good book. One of the great features of these chairs is that they are easily moveable. Whether a sun worshiper or shade seeker, you can pick these chairs up and find the best place for you. Or, if you’d rather, pick it up and move it inside. It is such a versatile and stylish piece it fits wherever you want it.

Photo: Calvin Hanson, Pexels