Stylish setup for your bedroom

A bedroom is a sanctuary and a personal getaway that expresses an individual’s taste.  It is a place of quiet retreat after a tiresome day where you can unwind while changing out of work attire. A bedroom is where you can relax. Most importantly, a bedroom should be the most calming and comfortable spot to rest a weary body, therefore it should be designed and styled with that in mind. You can’t achieve a perfect bedroom without using the right curtains, sheets, and duvet cover. To find the right ones you, visit linen sheets.

Here are some helpful tips to help choose the bedroom decor that is right for you.

Choosing subtle colours

Pick a restful palette and soothing shades of a monochromatic tone. Consider calm and serene colours like green, lavender, and gentle hues of blue. Prosperous jewel-toned colours help bring the mood of comfort and coziness. These hues include profound pomegranate, toasty browns, or topaz. Be it your bedroom curtains or sheets, purchase linens with toned-down variants of your favourite colours. This means you should choose pumpkin instead of tangerine or mauve instead of eggplant.

Do not disregard the ceiling 

A ceiling is the fifth wall in any room. Add some soft colour or subtle pattern to the blank, bland surface you see when you lie in bed. Paint it with a slightly lighter colour than your walls. This will visually ground the ceiling and grant the room a feeling of closeness and comfort. For the ultimate coziness, silver-leaf the ceiling or add a tented or canopy bed with fabric that drapes down from the top to cover you in warmth and sensuality while enhancing the ceiling beauty. Up the luxurious feel by adding a chandelier.

Maintain the bedroom simplicity

Regardless of the decoration and design style you choose, you should keep your bedroom simple, cozy, and neat. Leave at least ten feet distance from large pieces of furniture to allow room for easy movement. Before placing your furniture, consider the flow. Think of moving from the bed to your closet or to the bathroom and arrange the furniture to fit your needs. Furnish your bedroom only the necessities — a bed, a dresser, a chair, and a bedside table — anything beyond that is clutter. If there is room, add drawers in the closet. To ensure the feeling of calm do not overloaded the room with accessories. An elegant piece of artwork, flowers, candles, and some family photos are the perfect final touches for your sanctuary.

Select the correct furniture size

Before purchasing bedroom furnishings, use a scaled sketch of the space to plan furniture placement. If your bedroom is compact or small, avoid using a large, heavy bed or dresser. If your ceiling is high, use an oversized headboard to visibly lower it. Only choose large furniture if you have an oversized bedroom. Remember to place an ottoman or a chair somewhere close to the bed.

Have plenty of storage

For a serene bedroom feel, store things out of sight. The absence of clutter will make the room appear more roomy and calm. Select a roomy bedside table with doors or drawers from behind to hide things like books. Use a bench or trunk at the bed’s foot to store extra blankets, pillows, and sheets and, if possible, opt for a custom-designed closet to maximize storage.

Indulge in Luxurious linens

Outfit your bedroom with luxurious and elegant linen fabrics. Beautiful linens add comfort to a bedroom. Other options to consider include lighting and window coverings.


Make your bedroom to be an ideal getaway. Choose soothing colours, the right layout and size of furniture for the space, add beautiful curtains and linens and make sure to keep the television and phones out! You always want to have comfort and calmness when relaxing in your bedroom. Create a room that conveys the feeling of coziness and comfort you deserve.


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Photo: 刘 强, Unsplash