Switching Workouts? Here’s How Long You Can (Realistically) Expect to Wait to See Results

We’ve all been there. Working out, whether it is at a gym open to the public or in your own home gym, can sometimes feel like a chore. More often than not, we struggle to see any added benefits of our workout routine. Maybe you have spent too much time doing cardio or didn’t change weights for a while. If you’re feeling like this, you wish for a drastic change in your training methods.

If you wonder how long it will take to see new results on your body, whether it is enhanced strength, a more defined body tone or better stamina, you should know there is no cookie-cutter answer to that question. However, fitness experts have determined an average time to see your hard work pay off. While it may seem a long time, the ‘determined average’ is merely a flicker of the eye in terms of lifespan.

An Average of Eight to Twelve Weeks

Let’s say you’re a marathon runner and want to get stronger and buffer. The bad news is that achieving a weight-lifter physique will not be easy because your body has been used to a specific type of effort for a long time. On the contrary, you might be an occasional gym rat wanting more muscle definition. It will not be a walk in the park either, but you can do so with proper training.

Fitness experts are used to seeing clients that want to change their look instantly, and they get frustrated not seeing results. However, taking that goal step by step will take you from eight to twelve weeks to see a difference.

Nutrition and Supplements: Your Best Ally For Quick Results

Of course, nutrition is crucial for any sport and shouldn’t be underestimated while training for a particular goal. Gaining weight can be easy or very difficult, depending on your body type. Ectomorphs, for example, are usually thin and long people who will not put on weight unless they train and eat correctly.

Products available on sites such as pur-pharma.is – to cite just one example of the search returns – will help develop muscle growth without having to wait for months. They are designed for goals such as mass muscle gain, lean muscle growth and strength.

Losing weight follows the same logic, and your progress will depend on many factors, including your meal plan, training technique and metabolism. However, experts recommend weight lifting to burn fat and calories. It is better than pure cardio for some body types.

When Will I See Progress? A Brief Conclusion

As we have explained earlier, some changes in your body will be seen around eight to twelve weeks after you switch workouts. However, it will depend on many variables. If you are considering switching training techniques to change your physique radically, please take it slow.

You might burn out and lose motivation if you go too hard in the first few weeks. For many of us, keeping a slow pace and never training more than four times weekly is essential.

Photo: Taco Fleur