Synopsis and overview of bitcoin hard forks!

Bitcoin was introduced to facilitate transactions without any support from government authorities, mediation parties, and intermediates. Bitcoin annihilated every possible centric domination alongside every virtual asset in recent times.

Undoubtedly altcoins are more advanced in contrast to bitcoin as these altcoins were introduced subsequent to bitcoin in the cryptocurrency industry; all the more altcoins are merely equipped with few changes in the bitcoin core concept. You might be wondering why the bitcoin complex does process major updates in the network.

 However, the fact is that the bitcoin complex was subjected to few major changes multiple times in the passing decade, but none of them was successful, and these changes are known as bitcoin hard forks. Authentic websites like The Crypto Genius trading App can assist you in getting gigantic results in your bitcoin expedition. Beneath mentioned is an utter portion demonstrating the synopsis and overview of bitcoin hard forks, so without wasting any further dues, let’s have a look.

History of bitcoin hard forks

The history of bitcoin hard forks is exceedingly fragile as there were dozens of bitcoin hard forks in the community. Here are some of the bitcoin hard forks which appeared in the cryptocurrency industry in the very first place; let's dive in.

Bitcoin XT

Undoubtedly there were ample bitcoin hard forks in the bitcoin community prior to bitcoin XT. However, those hard forks were not notable at all. In a nutshell, bitcoin XT is the utmost prominent hard fork in the community of bitcoin. The complex of bitcoin XT majorly a software by introduced by a renowned programmer named Mike Hearn in 2014.

The software he introduced was equipped with some gigantic changes. You might be familiar with the fact that the conventional bitcoin model is able to carry out seven transactions in a single second; bitcoin XT was potential enough to carry out more than 20 transactions in a single second.

The route was accomplished by inclining the size of the block on the public distributed ledger; bitcoin XT increased the size of blocks by eight times; yes, you read it right. It correspondingly meant to delay the block reward halving event. The new flanged model of bitcoin created a sudden hype in the cryptocurrency industry, and in a nominal range of time, the model was subjected to a number of 1000 nodes. These nodes are basically the computing resources having an entire copy of blockchain or the public distributed ledger.

Bitcoin Classic

Bitcoin XT was able to sustain the hype of merely a nominal time, conferring bitcoin XT another hard fork was introduced in the community named as bitcoin classic. The software was launched in the year 2016; the programmer of bitcoin classic built the entire function in such a way that rather than just inclining the size of the bitcoin blockchain by eight times, it merely doubled the size of blocks. Similar to bitcoin XT, classic correspondingly acquired sudden limelight in the industry, and in a nominal time, there were 2000 nodes operating on the bitcoin classic.

Bitcoin Unlimited

Unlike other hard forks in the industry, bitcoin unlimited allowed bitcoin miners and a nodding system to determine the size of blocks. The collective decision of these viable entities of bitcoin complex, the size of blocks of blockchain was inclined to 16 MB, yes you read it right. Bitcoin unlimited failed miserably to acquire recognition and acceptance in the industry.


Conferring the robust sources, the notion of the segregated witness was introduced by the base inventor of bitcoin named Peter Wuille. SegWit was introduced prior to the bitcoin classic, and bitcoin unlimited all the segregated witnesses was not a hard fork was basically a soft fork.

Bitcoin cash

Conferring the core notion of segregated witness, bitcoin cash was introduced in the marketplace as a hard fork. Bitcoin cash is still considered as the utmost promising hard fork in the history of bitcoin hard fork. As per the robust sources and market analysts, the bitcoin hard fork is subjected to a considerable market cap and still appears in the top 10 list of cryptocurrencies as per the market cap. Bitcoin cash concludes the block size as 8 MB. All the more, bitcoin cash was introduced by bitcoin miners in the industry.

This is the entire overview and synopsis of bitcoin hard forks.