Tara Shannon in the Spotlight of Music and Motherhood

Photo courtesy of Tara Shannon

From Russell, Ontario, Tara Shannon is many things. A very successful individual, Tara is an award-winning singer/songwriter and founder of her own record label, Willow Sound Records. Back in February of this year, she released her album titled “Unfinished”, which she recorded in both Nashville and Ottawa. The album’s title speaks to itself as Tara claims, “It was something I started years ago and it was about getting back around to doing it…about finishing the record.”

Her continuous dedication to philanthropy is contagious. Tara’s very powerful single “Butterfly Child” was recorded in support of her young friend and neighbour Jonathan Pitre who suffers from Epidermolysis Bullosa. The touching tune carried into her decision to donate all proceeds from the song to Jonathan’s cause.

Tara also has a place in her heart for raising awareness surrounding aboriginal youth and mental health services. In showing her support for the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition, Tara recorded “Someone Who Understands”.

The spotlight under which Tara stands does not end there, however. It extends far beyond her successful career and selfless personality onto her commitment to motherhood. When offered her first record deal in 1997, she let it pass as touring wasn’t an ideal choice for a mother of three little ones. Tara has always put her role as a wife and mother before all else, which is why she doesn’t regret her career choices earlier on.

Now a mother of seven, the talented artist is pouring her heart and soul into both producing music and raising her children. Tara is a mother of seven, the youngest being 10 and the oldest being 24. For Tara, there is no single best part about being a mother. “The best part about being a mother is everything. All the joy is wrapped up in the struggle.”

This is Tara’s time. Her decision to put her family before her career years ago is surely paying off now. Becoming a mother has had a tremendously positive influence on Tara’s music in every way possible. “It deepens your experience of life, and so it deepens your song writing,” Tara confessed.

When asked about what the most important lesson she has ever taught her children, she responded, “that life is about health and happiness.” In celebrating Mother’s Day, Tara and her family enjoy spending quality time with one another at their cottage. “Normally we would spend it at the cottage and I would sit on my favourite swing overlooking the water, drinking coffee or wine.” For Tara Shannon, Mother’s Day is about taking time to appreciate all that mom’s do. We couldn’t agree more. Happy Mother’s Day!