TC-operational CRM software with live chat – everything you need to know

What’s operational CRM and why is it important for your business? Find the best software with live chat and other features to guarantee the sustainable development of your business. Read the article to find out more

For any type of business, your customers should be the first priority because they are able to greatly influence success. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a special technology, which is developed to effectively manage the relations and interactions with existing and potential clients. The goal of CRM is the improvement of business relationships in order to grow business. Operational CRM (OCRM) is one of the directions of customer relationship management (along with analytical and collaborative). It’s required to make the process of customer interaction easier. It’s reached by blending sales, marketing, and service processes. For this purpose, special tools for the acquisition and retention improvements are used (for instance, real-time customer support, such as live chat).

The essence of OCRM

Operational CRM is the widest direction of CRM. It helps:

  • Make business operations faster
  • Centralize customers interaction
  • Improve sales/marketing processes
  • Develop service and support.

With such a tool, businesses can provide automation, which can lead to more effective task handling with fewer steps. Thus, it’s possible to effectively generate leads, which can then become prospects and clients.

When OCRM is used?

As we’ve mentioned, the main idea of the tool is automation. Thus, it can be applied for the following purposes:

  • Marketing automation (for multichannel transactions, the automation of marketing strategy for analysis, collection, and evaluation of the information is required. Event-based marketing means are used for this purpose)
  • Sales-force automation. It’s possible to make the whole sales cycle automated to identify customers and add all the required details into the CRM system to effectively follow them later to generate a winning deal
  • Service automation. All the information concerning the interaction with clients can be automatically collected in a database to use it later. Various means of OCRM are used for this purpose, including live chats, email, phone, etc. Any specialist can access the data gathered, at an appropriate time.

Thus, for the application of operations CRM, special software is required.

Benefits of OCRM software application

The usage of OCRM is very advantageous for businesses. With the help of this tool, you can:

1. Refine marketing processes. It’s the greatest benefit, which allows understanding customers better and dividing them into categories (those, who would purchase, likely to purchase, and never return). As a result, it’s possible to prepare customized messages to effectively work with each category. In addition, it’s possible to divide clients into other groups (depending on age, gender, location, etc.).
2. Build communication between the departments. Good software helps organize effective inter- and intra-departmental communication. It will positively influence the productivity of work for the whole company because all specialists will have access to the same information.

3. Increase Return On Investment. This is the main reason for many companies to implement CRM technology. It’s required to invest in software. However, the revenue will be great. In accordance with the studies, you could get $8 for each $1 invested in CRM. It can be reached with the help of information centralization, segmentation, lead scoring, email marketing, tracking productivity, and inventory management, which will be very effective with CRM software.

4. Increase customer satisfaction (one of the most important indices of the company’s success). As a result, the loyalty of your clients will increase respectively. Using an omnichannel marketing plan, you can effectively work with claims and questions.

5. Take benefit from cross-selling/up-selling opportunities. For instance, when you sell several related products, you can add your customer to a database and send messages offering various accessories useful for the purchased product.

6. Gain leadership in the market. It refers not just to sales. With CRM, you have all chances to get a leading position in terms of customer/employees satisfaction, profitability, and other things. In general, it allows selling the right products in the right volume and at the right price.

7. Have valuable insight into your company’s work. CRM is not just an efficient tool for boosting your business. It also helps analyze the current situation and your company’s health. As a result, it’s much easier to find weak areas and work on their improvement. With suitable metrics, you can organize a healthier workflow.

Examples of software

To effectively apply CRM technology, it’s necessary to use the most effective software. We offer a few examples:

  • HubSpot CRM. It offers inbound marketing, project management, and workflow tools. It allows tracking leads and organizing interaction with customers via email, social media, live chat, website, etc.
  • Nextiva. It’s a full-stack platform, where you can find marketing, sales, and customer support features. The offered package includes CRM, live chat, telephony, analytical tools, and surveys.
  • EngageBay. The software offers a wide range of tools for successful automation, customization, and integration. The package includes omnichannel marketing tools, predictive lead scoring, sales force automation options, tools for segmentation, account-based marketing tools, live chat, and other tools for cooperation with customers.

The application of operational CRM is very useful for modern business. It can help with various aspects and input to development and growth.

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