Ten Ideas for How to Spend Your Hard Earned Me Time

Often caught up in the busy life? Not to worry; most of us can relate. In today’s working world, business is almost seen as a badge of honour. It’s as though the more activities and tasks that you’re juggling, the better others seem to think you’re doing at life. Even though it may feel like stopping for even a second to take a breath will cause something will slip, you need a little me time to be on your A-game.

You may constantly hear “Oh well, just take some time off and take care of yourself,” but sometimes, that is easier said than done. You can’t always drop everything to get away from it all. Here are ten ways to spend some of your hard earned me time, no matter how much (or little) time you have. Treat yo’self – you deserve it!

1. Shop Til You Drop

Set a budget and go shopping alone to ensemble an outfit in that budget. Not only is this a fun way to take some time to shop alone, it can also save some money and give you a chance to pick up some items to round out your wardrobe. Take your time trying on various outfits and flex your creative muscles to see what you can come up with even just $20. Remember, if you go over your budget, you lose the challenge.

 2. Destination Exploration

Close your eyes and pick a point on the map in Ottawa. Open your eyes and the location you picked is where you should go explore. Who knows what you will find, meet, eat! This is like your personal adventure to find a new area and discover your city a little bit more whether it be a cute neighbourhood, some fresh air in the park, or a busy area.

3. Write it Down

Get yourself a goal book. Go to a place where you are able to think on your own and do some self reflection. Write down at least 5 things you hope to accomplish each month and why each of them is important to you. This will help you legitimize your goals and make some progress!

 4. Get Ready for Your Close Up

Pamper yourself and then book a photoshoot! Go to the salon, get your hair and makeup done and strike some poses, then share some of the fresh photos of yourself with your besties or frame some single portraits. Just have fun with it!

5. Go to some events

Paint the town red! Google the name of your city and the dates you plan on indulging in some me time to find some fun and interesting events happening near you. Take in some live music, network with people or make some new friends. Eventbrite is another good place to check; the site always has listings of affordable and free events.

6. The Mystery Box.

Many of us have clothes we do not wear or little goodies that we no longer use. A great way to repurpose these items is to clean them out and make a mystery box. Selling your clothes as a mystery box online is fun and makes you some extra cash. Give people a general idea of what the box contains but don’t be too specific – you don’t want to ruin the surprise!

7. Out with the ordinary

Break out of your rut and do something out of your ordinary routine. Bake or cook something new, try your hand at woodworking, test out a new hairstyle, indulge in a fresh new manicure, crack open a new book, or join a dance class. Looking for an even bigger change? Try a new adventurous challenge like rock climbing, kayaking, or even skydiving!

8. Be your own Bob Ross.

Grab yourself some paints and a canvas to paint something fresh for one of your walls. Play some fun music in the background or go to a quiet park and just paint what you see or imagine! Don’t worry if you are not talented at painting…playing around is half the fun! Just attempt it and see what you make.

9. Start a DIY Project.

If the colour of your room bothers you…change it. If you need somewhere to store something…make it. Create a homemade jewelry box, craft new picture frames, paint some garden stones, or put together a mini terrarium with pebbles, moss and plants as some fun decor for your house.

10. It’s Okay to Do Nothing

Don’t feel any pressure to do something eventful or “productive” during your me time. Taking a second to just relax and do nothing is just as important. Draw yourself a bath and relax with some candles and your favourite bath bomb, put on your favourite playlist and snuggle up with a good book (or your Netflix que), or just look out the window and enjoy some quiet time.

Attempting any of these “Ten Me Time Ideas” will help you do some exploration and take some time to relax. You may not always have time, but sometimes it is necessary to reserve some moments for yourself. Treat the one and only deserving you.