The beginning of an era: The Stanley cup makes its way back to Canada after a long drought season.

Canada is not only known for its passion for hockey but also its players and teams' dominance in the sport. You would think even after the development and diversification of famous games like baseball and basketball that the sport’s popularity would come under threat.

However, Canada remains a hockey nation with many people interested in placing stakes for their favorite players and teams. In fact, Ontario(18%) overrides Germany(15%) and the US(16%) as the state whose nationalities love betting on live sports. Here is a list of best betting sites in Ontario you can use, and what better way to improve your sporting experience than to join the players in live celebrations?

On Saturday, a crowd of hockey fans flocked Halifax downtown just in time to see Nathan Mackinnon parade the Stanley Cup in the Nova Scotia streets. ‘Nate the great’ as he is popularly known clinched the Cup through the Colorado Avalanche with a 2-1 win in the sixth game earlier in the year.

This was not his first win. He carried home the Memorial Cup in 2013 when he played for the Canadian, Halifax Mooseheads. Since then, most hockey fans have been keeping a tab on his career, which seemed to have great potential.

“It is an unbelievable feeling to bring it (Stanley Cup) back to Nova Scotia. I actually had an opportunity to see him win it live down in Tampa Bay earlier this year.” Said a spectator.

The procession began at noon through the Scotiabank Centre, en route through Spring Garden Road, South Park, and Sackville streets, and finally ended outside the city hall.

Taking to the stage, he thanked his family and fans for their continued support. “It’s been a crazy day. I never expected it to be like this. The support from the local community is pretty cool and I guess I got my own day now which is pretty cool. “ Mackinnon said. “ I appreciate everyone for coming out. This is unbelievable!… Grew up here. I’m proud to be from Halifax. Cole Harbour. It is an honor to bring back the Cup home.”

The event was graced by the governor, Mike Savage, who declared the day (20th August) as Nathan Mackinnon’s day.

Final thoughts

Canada has the highest record of holding the Stanley Cup though it has been more than two decades since a win has come forth. However, it doesn’t you from celebrating Canadian players thriving in the sport in other nations.

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