The benefits of playing the national Lottery online

Anywhere in the world that considers themselves to be a big Lottery fan, most likely operates a national version of the game, as well as having exclusive games on offer, depending on where you play. The list is seemingly endless, but perhaps the most notable are national Lotteries coming from the United Kingdom, Canada, China and the United States.

The culture of the Lottery has swept several nations. Easy and quick to play, or enter, it’s easy to see why the game has proved to be so popular. In fact, you can now also play Lottery games online, so you can even fit in a quick game or two on the go!

Read on as we take a closer look at some of the biggest national lotteries around, and how playing the national Lottery online can be a great advantage to your gameplay.


Whilst the Canadian government have taken the long road of introducing gambling into their community, the Lottery was actually one of the first games to be readily accepted into the country’s Criminal Code when the regulations were amended in 1969. This change allowed lotteries to be run provincially and, in turn, used as a way to fundraise.

Speaking of, the Lottery has a long history of being used as a fundraising tool. Profits from national lotteries have been used to fund the building of the Great Wall of China and maintain Caesar’s Rome.

This has remained the case across Canada. For example, Alberta’s General Revenue Fund takes all profits from their only regulated online casino – Play Alberta – and uses them to support local programmes and services to improve the day-to-day lives of their residents.

Ottawa also gets in on the action; Canada’s capital and located in the east of southern Ontario. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) corporation is the main governing board for all casino gameplay, and because of that, oversees Lottery profits benefitting the residents.


Not only does fundraising via the national Lottery benefit the community, but it also brings people together. This type of Lottery game is available across multiple platforms, online and in-person, so no matter how you like to play, you’ll be able to grab a piece of the action alongside your friends.

The community aspect can also be somewhat inspirational for surrounding players. Seeing others claim that big jackpot prize can be the push you need to go online and buy your own tickets, to join in with the fun.


Convenience plays a big part in playing online. No matter where you are within the country, you’ll be able to enter the national Lottery, if you have a device that connects to the internet. It’s really that simple!

Plus, no matter how you’ve entered the Lottery, you’ll be able to get access to the results online. The aforementioned OLG is a great source to find out if your numbers were called, especially if you’re playing in Ontario.

In a time where you can access almost anything on the internet, it’s no wonder that entering your national Lottery online is really the best option. It’s easier to enter and you can get the results online, whilst also feeling part of the bigger Lotto picture!