The best 2021 personal safely apps

People are victims of violent attacks, sexual assaults, and robberies on the streets. With such alarming situations, it is no surprise that personal safety applications are being downloaded at an ever-increasing rate, especially among women. Now you don't have to hold keys between your knuckles, keep pepper spray with you or carry pocketknives if you need to fight somebody off or to protect yourself as technology has advanced. But instead, there is an easy and convenient way to keep yourself safe, and that is by downloading such safety apps. There is no ultimate protection, but to some extent, you can tackle any bad situation, or at least such apps might help you escape. Recently, online playing platforms, such as Ice Casino and several other similar sites, are using two-way verification to protect their users against intruder’s logins.

However, here we have enlisted some apps which can keep you safe in 2021:


bSafe is one of the most popular and comprehensive personal safety applications; it provides users with various safety features. All of them may be triggered with a touch or a voice command. It contains an SOS button that records audio and video of your surroundings and calls for help. If you activate SOS, your contacts will be able to see and hear everything occurring in real-time via live streaming. The software also allows you to share your location with friends and will enable them to monitor your travels using GPS. Finally, there's a handy Fake Call function that pretends to be you. It is ideal for getting out of a possibly dangerous or uncomfortable situation.

Walk Safe

The Walk Safe personal safety app informs users when users reach high-crime areas. Users may reroute themselves to safer routes by marking sites of recorded crime, such as violence and sexual assault, mugging, and knife crime. The app updates the map twice a week, so you will always be up to date on the most recent safety problems in the region. The software also allows users to publish live updates when they feel uncomfortable in their neighbourhood, in addition to police complaints.

The app is a terrific way to keep informed and safe, whether it's a noisy crowd or insufficient street illumination. Users may utilize the Tap Safe function to tap the app while walking home periodically. If you cannot reach the destination in time, this app will notify your loved ones so they can check for you. There is also a feature to set reminders for your emergency contacts to text or call you at a specific time to ensure your safety.

Red Panic Button

This one-click emergency app presses the red panic button; consequently, your current location and Google Map's link are sent immediately to your emergency contacts by email and SMS. Twitter users can also access your account and send "panic tweets." It shares your location and informs your followers that you need help. The Red Panic Button app is highly versatile and was developed to enhance security for everyone. From emergency medical care and missing children to taxi drivers and truck drivers, there are many situations where pressing the red panic button can help.


Flare is a non-obtrusive smart wristband and a smartphone app that provides low-key safety solutions. When you have that gut feeling that something isn't right, press the secret button on the bracelet to activate the features and escape an unpleasant situation. Flare stays connected to your phone, and you can pair it via Bluetooth. By pressing the button hidden on the side of the flare bracelet, you can alert your contacts through text. It can also make you receive a fake call that you can pre-record through the app. Hence you can escape a bad situation easily.

One Scream

This hands-free app is voice-activated and employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology to detect a scream if you scream out in distress. When the software detects a 'panic scream,' it sets out an alarm on your phone that includes a loud siren and vibrations. If you don't cancel the alarm within 20 seconds, your selected contacts will receive an automatic phone call and SMS. The app also offers an open line to your contact so they can hear what's going on. Even from the bottom of your bag, it works.


It is a women's geolocation app that aims to eliminate the insecurity that many women experience. This app is dedicated to lessening uneasiness feelings, preventing potential threats, and responding in an emergency. In this app, you can choose who will follow you in real-time. You can choose the safest route. This app can activate the deterrent alarm in an emergency and activate SOS. You can choose to give access to your camera and microphone to enable your contacts to check what is happening in real-time, and you can share your location.

Family Locator

Because of its end-to-end safety solution, the Family Locator App is used by almost 70,000 families. The most trustworthy tested and evaluated personal safety app employs Augmented Reality technology to follow you and your family in real-life situations. By touching a single, green-coloured AR icon that appears on the device screen, you can utilize the smartphone's camera to track your family members. By touching an icon on the screen, the app will begin to use your device's camera to provide you with a realistic view of your family members from any location. If your child is lost, you will get an immediate SOS with the site. You can also categorize locations into Safe and Unsafe zones, and you will get a notification if someone enters the unsafe zone.