The best Canadian coupon sites you should know about

Unfortunately, COVID-19 put a lot of people out of work, and citizens had to start relying on government checks and tapping into their savings account to make ends meet. Whether the virus has affected your family or not, though, it’s never a bad time to start saving more money!

One of the best ways to start saving money is to start by cutting costs on the most common consumable category in your house- your groceries!

Couponers” sometimes get a bit of a bad rep, but hey- they’re saving a lot more money than the average Canadian. That’s money that can go into a new car, the kids’ college fund, or could even help you save up for a vacation to visit someplace warm and sunny!

Below, you can check out the best Canadian coupon sites on the web. We’ve put together a list of a few of our favourites and some creative new places to look if those sites don’t have the coupons that you’re looking for.

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Check Out The Best Canadian Coupon Sites On The Web!

Most coupon websites are created by third-parties who work out deals with the grocery stores. The stores often have extra products that they need to get rid of before they expire, so they contact coupon sites and give them a list of all of their sales.

Shoppers like you just need to print them out or screenshot them on your phone to take advantage of these great deals!

Proctor and Gamble is a large American company that was started in 1837 as a simple candle and soap-making company. Today, P&G owns many of the most popular household brands when it comes to cleaning products, snacks, and more! is a great spot to find deals on some of the hottest brand names in the grocery store. You can use their coupons at most large stores. However, some smaller convenience stores may not accept the coupons. (Canada) is another American-based company. Since 1968, they’ve helped small businesses with marketing and promotion. The product they’re most well known for is their monthly newsletter that is full of incredible deals on everything including groceries, apparel, specialty services, and more!

As the name implies, this site will give you a “whale of a deal!” specializes in providing grocery store and food-related coupons. You can sign up for weekly e-mail newsletters or opt to have a physical catalog mailed to your home every month. is probably one of the simplest coupon sites in Canada. No matter which province you live in, simply enter your address, and the site will pull up store coupon pages within driving distance. They feature grocery, clothing, and even hardware store coupons!

Other Places To Find Great Coupons

Although the Canadian coupon sites listed above are excellent places to get a wide variety of different coupons, you can also find coupons for specific stores by checking out their individual websites.

Whether it’s your favourite grocery store or restaurant, just visit their website and look for a link to all of their weekly or monthly deals!



Photo: Charles Gao, unsplash