The biggest changes in the casino industry

2020 will go down in the history books for all of the wrong reasons. However, it hasn’t all been doom and gloom. With gambling currently enjoying a golden period of growth, much innovation and progress has taken place in the online casino industry over the past 12 months or so. These changes have slowly started to reshape the world, attempting to make it even more appealing and user-friendly as they do so. Will these alterations work? Only time will tell, but here are some of the biggest changes in the casino industry that you should know about heading into the new year.

Game Selection

The first thing to immediately recognise when it comes to the current casino landscape is the sheer variety of games that are on offer. This, of course, includes slot games, where most reputable sites offer hundreds of titles to eager punters. Not only will classics like Gonzo’s Quest and Mega Moolah be available, but so too will more niche titles, as well as themed games. In October, expect to find a wealth of spooky Halloween slots appearing on your home page, while Christmas brings its own healthy dose of seasonally-themes titles.

Compare this to the industry a decade ago, where the options available weren’t nearly as diverse. Today, you are spoilt for choice, as any casino worth their salt with likely have a huge catalogue of slots just waiting to be played. Also, don’t forget about some of the other games that online casinos are now starting to add to their already fantastic repertoires. Live bingo and poker events have steadily risen in popularity over the past few years, meaning that several high-profile casinos now offer such events as standard.

Payment Options

Where once players were limited in how they could deposit funds, now you are blessed with a huge variety of methods to suit your every need. From mainstream payment options like VISA and Mastercard, right up to Cryptocurrencies and everything in between – if it’s a legitimate currency, you can almost certainly find a casino that will accept it.

The fastest-growing option in this regard is undoubtedly crypto, with its unique features proving to be especially popular with punters of all ages and backgrounds. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin help conceal personal information, allowing players to gamble with relative anonymity. While many casinos still don’t permit the use of such methods, it seems only a matter of time before every site has a variety of ways in which to deposit – rather than by simply via wire transfer or bank payment.

Mainstream Acceptance

Casinos, whether online or on land, have never had the best of reputations. Viewed by society as a whole – and indeed many governments – as shady operations that are hell-bent on scamming players and ruining lives. In 2020 however, such attitudes are thankfully beginning to die out. Online casinos are finally gaining some degree of mainstream cultural acceptance, as more and more people begin to sample such sites on a casual basis. To find out more about how far online casinos have come in recent years, be sure to check out


As we have demonstrated, the casino industry as a whole is only improving with time. As operators continue to understand what players want, the user experience will naturally be perfected and pushed to new heights. More choice and variety with much less of the stigma attached indicates that the growth witnessed over the past year or so is set to continue for many years to come. We for one cannot wait to see what the online casino industry has in store for us in 2021.