The biggest changes in the online betting industry

It can sometimes be difficult to spot changes taking place before your eyes, as very often, its slow and gradual. This most certainly applies in the case of the online betting industry, where revolutions don’t happen overnight, but over years instead. It’s crucial to keep on top of such changes, however, as if you don’t, you’ll likely get left behind. Whether you’re a veteran player or a rookie, the very last thing you want is to leave money on the table because you weren’t clued up on new trends or developments. Here then, are some of the biggest changes that the world of online gambling has been through in recent years.


As is so often the case, the industry is only as strong as the regulations that tame it. In recent years, online betting sites have seen their fair share of regional gambling law changes. Some of these have been detrimental to the industry, while others have had a liberating effect, allowing people from previously region-locked corners of the world to fully experience online betting.

Thankfully, most European states have loosened laws surrounding the activity over the past few decades. Spain and France, for instance, now allow players to bet on sports with far more freedom than they didn’t only a few decades ago. That in itself must be viewed as a win for the industry. Such law changes have the added effect of destigmatising betting as a whole – something which is long overdue.

More Market Options

As more players have embraced the idea of casual gambling, operators have been forced to expand the markets they offer out. This is most notable in the world of sports betting, where you can pretty much always find an event of some description to have a flutter on. In football, various Under 21 markets are now playable on many sites, while a whole host of smaller ATP tennis tournaments can also be found.

When January or the summer months roll around, just about every major UK bookmaker will allow punters to place bets on which club a player might be transferred too. Such bets were not widely available just a few years ago, but the fact that operators have continued to push the boat and open up more markets can only be welcomed.

Pay and Play

While very much in its infancy, pay and play technology has the potential to revolutionise the online betting world forever. Over the past year or so, so-called pay and play casinos have become hugely popular, offering punters an alternative way to gamble. Traditionally, in order the use an online casino, or any online bookmaker for that matter, you had to go through a very lengthy registration process. Now, however, pay and play allow visitors to start using the sites’ games without the often-laborious process of creating an account and having to wait for their ID to be verified.

The notion of registering for an online casino has always been viewed as an integral – and unavoidable – aspect of the gambling process. But a quiet revolution has been taking place behind the scenes in 2020. Originating in Scandinavia, the creation of pay and pay casinos has already begun to significantly reshape the gambling industry. Visit for the very best pay and play casinos.

The Rise of Casual Betting

Another change that has positively impacted the online betting industry in recent years is the casualisation of gambling as a whole. This sea change is most obvious in football, where fans from all walks of life, who previously wouldn’t have had any interest in gambling, will choose to place an accumulator bet on a series of matches.

Wagering a few quid on an accumulator is just one example of how the nature of the industry is being transformed. The notion of players as mere obsessives has markedly shifted, as now placing a bet or two on Saturday’s sporting action is seen as a very normal – almost traditional part of the matchday experience.


In general, we’re seeing online betting moving in a positive direction, with many of the most profound recent changes proving to be beneficial. While there is no guarantee that this will last, we have already seen how, no matter what obstacles are put in the industry’s path, it has a funny way of adapting to its environment. Don’t bet against it doing the same again if tomorrow’s changes aren’t quite as favourable.

Photo: Pixabay