The Blue Crabs Team: Interesting Team Facts We Never Knew

In 2006, the world witnessed greatness with the birth of the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. Since their inception, the Blue Crabs have taken the world by storm, with hundreds captivated by their performance. Come with us as we take a look at a few interesting things we never knew about blue crabs that’ll leave you a lot more perplexed than you think.

Fun Facts

The Name

Did you know that the team got its unique name from a team-sponsored fan ballot? In 2006, after the creation of the team, Southern Maryland residents were asked to pick a name for the team in a team-sponsored fan ballot. It seems as though picking the Blue Crabs’ name was a lot more interesting than looking at the MLB stats.

Blue crab is actually a name used to refer to the indigenous blue crab that can be found in southern Maryland. In fact, the blue crab is the official state crustacean of Maryland, which is why the name was seen as befitting for the team. What’s even more befitting is the team’s nickname, which is the Crustacean Nation.

It All Started in 1985

Did you know that it was Charles County that brought the idea of professional basketball to then-rural Southern Maryland in 1985? They did this through a Class A Kinston Indians team that was relocated, but their efforts were in vain as Charles County commissioners voted against its financial support.

At the time, the commissioners believed that the funds could be allocated for something a lot more useful, such as infrastructure projects. Major issues with the team also included its marketability, as the area was rural.

Division Championships

We all love a good team, especially when they are three-time division champions. The Blue Crabs have won three division championships in 2009, 2012, and 2013. In 2009, the team came to their win in a tie with the Long Island Ducks, but this didn’t last for long as they lost the championship to the Somerset Patriots.

They Give Back

Not only are the Blue Crabs three-time division champions, but they are also givers. In fact, in the last few years, the team has done some amazing work in various organizations, such as the Southern Maryland Food Bank, Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, Orioles Advocates, and many more.

One of the many interesting organizations that the team raises funds for is the American Red Cross, also known as ARC. ARC is a humanitarian organization that focuses on offering disaster preparedness education for those living in the US.

The organization also offers disaster relief and works to provide emergency assistance in areas affected by disasters. ARC was established in 1881 by Clara Barton and has since gone on to assist many in their time of need.

Other major events include the Prostate Cancer Awareness Night and the Red Cross Blood Drive, which all take place at the Regency Furniture Stadium and help promote wellness and health.

In 2008, the team raised just a little over $8000 for the College of Southern Maryland in a bid to celebrate the institution’s 50th anniversary. In 2009, the team partnered with the Charles County Hospice House to assist them with raising funds. When we talk about using your platform to do good, we’re definitely talking about the blue crabs.

There Wasn’t Always a Mascot

We all love a good mascot, especially when it’s got red and white sneakers, but what if I told you that the Blue Crabs didn’t always have a mascot? In fact, the mascot only made its first official appearance in 2008 at Laurel Springs Park during an opening-day parade.

The Blue Crabs mascot is dressed in their home jersey and has a pair of red and white sneakers to match. Crabs are known for pinching, which is why it comes as no surprise that the mascot’s name is Pinch.

One Retired Number

If there’s anything we all look forward to, it’s retiring and getting the rest we all deserve. Many baseball players have retired, with a few opting to retire for various reasons. Jackie Robinson retired a number throughout baseball.

The Website

These days, most things can be found on the internet, including some of our most sought-after information. Not only does this make life easier for all of us by offering a point of reference, but it also makes keeping tabs on what we’re doing a lot easier.

In fact, many associations, sports unions, and other sports-related organizations have websites to make things easier for everyone, including themselves. The same can be said for the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, as they have a website for the public that offers a wide variety of services.

The website offers you the chance to sign up for their newsletter, make ticket purchases, purchase Blue Crab merchandise, and much more. You can also contact the team directly through their chat option, email service, or direct call line. If you’re looking for any news, then you can simply head on over to the news section of the website and find exactly what you’re looking for.

One of the best things about the website is its ticket selection. The website offers five different options for tickets, making it easier for you to find the perfect match for you and your needs. The website also offers a variety of ticket plans to make booking and planning a lot easier.

A Few Final Thoughts

We’re all interested in our teams, but the more we dive into them, the more we find that they are more than amazing. They give us the idea that a team is more than just a team, but rather a family filled with history.

Teams are not just about what happens on the field but off the field as well. The amazing thing about the Blue Crabs is that they are interested in matters that concern not only baseball but people as a whole. They use their platform positively, which stands out and makes them the team they are today.