The Canadian economy has taken notice of the growth potential of Bitcoin

The world is changing rapidly, and nowhere can this change be felt more than with currency. Ten years ago, few people had heard of Bitcoin, a digital currency founded by an anonymous programmer.

At best, Bitcoin was seen as another internet trend, while at worst, it was considered a form of currency that bad actors could use for nefarious or black market purposes. Many people failed to see the potential in the democratization of money through the internet as everything humanity does now is wired into the world wide web.

Interest in Bitcoin first peaked in 2017, creating a massive bitcoin boom that resulted in what was up until that point, all-time highs for the digital money next to the USD. In 2018, the value of the currency fell dramatically. It has since recovered and shows steady growth as a real currency. It is not simply another internet trend that, by not evolving with the times, will go the way the pager—remember the pager?

Since the 2017 Bitcoin boom, value has been seen globally in cryptocurrency. As of February 28, 2022, Bitcoin has a value of USD$39,717.20, compared to the $19,000 price tag during the market boom; this is a sizeable steady growth rate. Economies around the globe are taking note of the potential of e-currencies.

The president of El Salvador made Bitcoin an official currency of the Republic in September of 2021. Although the IMF has requested that the country remove Bitcoin from its legal tender, it has seen positive effects due to the decision. Tourism has increased by 30 per cent. Most of the western world and many other developed economies around the globe are now also allowing the currency. The growth potential is massive, and the Canadian economy is taking note. Bitcoin ATMs are even popping up around major Canadian cities.

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Photo: Pixabay