The Miss to Mrs bridal box experience

Our wedding was set for March and we've always wanted to get a bridal box. But due to the Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world, we stalled and continued looking at various bridal box subscriptions. As the world opens, we pushed our wedding to November and finally made our order from Miss to Mrs Box. We didn't know what to expect, but boy, were we surprised? Pleasantly so!

We got our first bridal box in record time and we're over the content. Miss to Mrs worked with the timeframe of our wedding and curated the most beautiful and planning appropriate items! We can't say it enough, we are excited! Let's show you what we got in our box.

Bridal subscription box content

Miss to Mrs box offers nine themed boxes that relate to each stage of wedding planning. We just started planning, so we got the first wedding subscription box names "let's plan this!" We imagined getting some boring rules and regulations on planning a wedding. Haha! We were in for a surprise.

The box and the cover foil screamed quality which thoroughly impressed us. If a brand can be so meticulous about packaging, I'll buy even air from them. Next, we saw awesome stuff inside the box which includes:

1. I said yes! White and Rose gold tumbler
The tumbler caught our eyes first. It is white with a Rose gold lid. It had the inscription "I said yes" on it. Talk about a beautiful way to announce your impending wedding on Instagram! This tumbler made the announcement easy and classy without giving away too much. And, we use it for coffee and vodka.

2. Necklace with diamond-shaped pendant
Guess who took this one? The box came with an 18k gold plated necklace with a diamond-shaped pendant. We loved this one so much because it won't ever fade. Such quality at a little expense.

3. "Future MRS planner" notebook
When we saw this planner, we blessed Miss to Mrs. We so needed this notebook because we were putting down ideas on random papers. And they kept getting lost. In the very early stages of wedding planning, you'll need a planner to document ideas, inspiration, checklists, and more. Miss to Mrs takes care of that with this pocket-friendly notebook.

4. Countdown calendar
As we plan, the countdown calendar keeps us giddy with excitement. One more day gone gives us hope because we can't wait to be together. Counting down with this calendar is stress relief.

5. 40" LOVE script balloon & 16 Tassel Garlands
Balloons with love scripts and Tassel Garlands are perfect for the bridal shower and bachelorette décor. We are so glad that Miss to Mrs thought ahead. A balloon of 40" is huge and we can't wait to pump them up.

6. "All that sparkles" Jewelry wipes
From the engagement ring to wedding rings and everything jewelry, we find the wipes helpful. These wipes save us the cost of getting some. We were happy to see them.

Would we recommend Miss to Mrs Box?

Absolutely! We're super impressed with the first box from quality to delivery and content. For $35, we got a parcel worth over $100. Each themed box goes to the bride at the best time with appropriate items. The customer service is friendly, helpful, and are available 24/7.

They've got budget time friendly options broken into four brides to be box subscription plans. They are monthly bridal box subscriptions to receive one box per month. Accelerated subscription to receive twice per month, extended plan to receive a box every two months. And the quarterly plan to receive a box every three months.

Getting the nine hemed Miss to Mrs bridal subscription box is worth it and gives more value for your money. And if you want to join the train, look them up on their website at You can also find them on Instagram @MisstoMrsBox. We'll update as we find their other social media accounts.