The most popular cosmetic procedures in 2019

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; beauty is also a social construct that varies from one generation to the other. What might have been the ideal beauty 50 years ago might not fit the standards now. The public is growing more aware of the concept and its consequent effects on mental health. However, it’s not the standards of beauty that make us feel inadequate, it is the unrealistic standards of beauty set by society. With the help of Photoshop and editing programs, bodies are distorted to peak unnatural levels of perfection, that are often impossible for anyone to achieve. The challenge created in the discrepancy between what we see on magazines and what is possible, wreaks havoc on our self-esteem.

With awareness, comes understanding, power, and confidence. No longer are cosmetic procedures sought out to reform one’s body entirely. Instead, what is popular now are subtle cosmetic procedures that can make your beauty more prominent. In addition, A-listers and idolized public figures are more comfortable with coming forward with their nicks and tucks, aiding thereby, in the erasure of the stigma surrounding the issue.

The results of the cosmetic procedures aren’t impossible to achieve, and most importantly, they give you that natural look. In most cases, your extra glam will get you attention, but the natural effect will not have anyone even guess you opted for a procedure.

Popular cosmetic procedures in 2019

Rejuvenating fillers

It seems as though we are born with an innate fear of wrinkles. Nothing could, otherwise, explain why the world with its various ethnicities and religions collectively unites on this single topic. It’s not the wrinkles in and of themselves, but rather what they represent. Aging, is not merely an issue of vanity, for it represents our retirement from giving back, becoming a liability, and losing our youth and vitality.

While there is not much we can do to put an end to this inevitable phase of life, we can erase the traces of old age like a guile murderer wipes any evidence in a crime scene.

Wrinkling occurs as we age due to our loss of bone volume, fat beneath the skin, and hyaluronic acid. All of which cause the skin to hand unsupported, eventually leading it to shrink up and wrinkle. With time, the symptoms become all the more prominent.

Dermal fillers aim at restoring the volume to reverse the effects of time through injecting a gel-like substance into target areas. The injection constitutes hyaluronic acid, a sugar that is naturally made in our bodies whose production decreases as we age; and an anesthetic to make sure the patient experiences no pain.

Dermal fillers can either be temporary or permanent. In the former, the results last anywhere between six months to a year, depending on individual variety. However, if displeased with the results, there is an injection that comprises enzymes that break down hyaluronic acids, to instantly reverse the effects. Whereas, permanent fillers are not reversible. Consequently, the safest approach is to opt for temporary lip fillers, as our face tends to change through the years. In other words, the target areas to be injected will vary from one year to the other, making permanent fillers appear out of place.

In contrast to alternative treatments, such as a face lift, the results are utterly natural, instantaneous and successful. All in all, including consultation, the procedure should take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. Where the patient is expected to resume daily activity immediately after.

Lip and jaw fillers

Plump lips and a sharp jawline are the definition of beauty in modern days. Have you seen how insanely gorgeous this combination could make someone? If not, look at Angelina Jolie with her knife shape jaw line and full lips, stealing hearts left and right. Plump lips are considered neonatal features, and therefore we subconsciously view this feature as adorable, reflecting positively on the individual who possess them. On the other hand, a sharp jaw line is considered a sign of maturity as we only develop sharp jaw lines post puberty. A sharp jaw line adds the factor of sexiness to the equation, making you irresistible.

The injection includes the same content as dermal fillers, hyaluronic acid, that adds volume to the lips making them plump and the jaw to make it wider and prominent.

As is the case with dermal fillers, the fillers could be permanent or temporary, the results are instantaneous and natural, and the procedure is merely an hour long.

PRP therapy

The saying that states hair is our crown, is an understatement. How 50% of men and two thirds of women, expected to suffer from hair loss should feel, is probably not pleasant. Despise hair loss being a relatively prevalent phenomenon, no one seems to find comfort in that fact. It remains that nothing could soothe our jealous eyes as we scrutinize those with voluminous manes flowing like magical strands down their heads.

Fortunately for you, and I, and all those who helplessly watch as their strands fall with no promise of return, science has our back.

A treatment known as platelet-rich plasma therapy reverses hair loss regardless of the underlying cause, and results in noticeable growth.

Most cases of hair loss show a decrease in various growth factors (proteins that function as extracellular signals that bind to cells to promote longevity), allowing us to conclude the existence of a relationship between hair loss and growth factors.

As a result, PRP therapy aims to extract growth factors from our blood, and injects it back into our scalp. The boost of growth factors promotes hair growth.

The procedure is generally an hour long and you could need anywhere from one session to eight sessions, the determine factor being the degree of hair loss and underlying cause. The treatment has to be repeated annually. In contrast to other treatments, there is no daily commitment. It’s a session per month.

Eyebrow transplants

Owing to Cara Delevingne’s fierce eyebrows and the daredevil aura she oozes, bushy eyebrows are finally acknowledged and appreciated. Coming in trend right after pencil thin, it’s unfortunate that many women have tweezed their eyebrows into permanent discipline.

 The damage of years of repeated tweezing and threading is irreversible naturally, since follicular units have miniaturized for good. Therefore, to restore what you have lost, or simply to add thickness to your eyebrows; your available option is eyebrow transplantation.

Eyebrow transplantation is a procedure that extracts follicular units from areas similar in texture to eyebrow hair and relocates them individually to achieve the desired aesthetic look. The results are scar-free, permanent, and most importantly, natural.

Unlike tattooing, the permanency in eyebrow transplant is natural, meaning, you can wax, thread, and even dye the hair if you desire. With tattooing out of the question, many are often torn between eyebrow transplantation and micro-blading. Both are successful eyebrow restoration treatments, but micro-blading is a semi-permanent tattoo that lasts for around six months to a year. Until the ink dissolves on its own, you don’t have the ability to alter the results. Which means there is a possibility for you to walk around for a period of six months, at least, with eyebrows you aren’t content with. Seems like a risky decision, if you ask us.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry alters the very thing that attracts strangers’ attention upon first meeting. Your teeth can convey details of your hygiene and health, whether true or not, fair or not, is not the point. At the end of the day, there is stigma and certain prejudice associated with a bad set of teeth.

To fix discoloration, patients should resort to teeth whitening, a dental procedure, that utilizes bleaching gels that could penetrate the porous enamel to break down stubborn stains. The process is facilitated by UV light the catalysis the process of penetration for the gel, and lasts an hour but the results are long term. For every dental problem, cosmetic dentistry offers a satisfactory treatment. Crooked teeth? You have the option to re-align your teeth with transparent braces, without having to deal with the chunky nerdy look of 90’s braces.

Lost teeth? Nothing dental implants can’t reverse for you.

In summary

Exterior beauty matters just as much as interior beauty, and the motive is not merely vain. A healthy set of pearly whites, voluminous hair, plump lips, defined jawline, and a wrinkle-free face signifies vitality, youth, and energy. In 2019, invasive procedures with obvious results are no longer a trend, instead many are opting for subtle procedures that enhance their natural individual beauty. Be confident with your own beauty, and don’t fear showing it off. A few procedures that could enhance on your individual beauty, will not hurt anyone. Don’t take it too far, because subtle is the new black and minimalism is art.

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