The power of red

Photo of Alex by Winter Lotus Photography

One of the boldest and exciting colours to wear, red has unwavering popularity. For years, red has been a fashion-girl favourite and is a stylist staple for walking the red carpet. Being a primary colour, adding red to your overall look will naturally draw attention so be prepared to stand out in a crowd.

If you’re looking to add this vibrant shade to your wardrobe or are searching for some inspiration for Valentine’s Day, this crimson colour has extraordinary appeal. Take a cue from these street looks for new ways to style your red pieces and embolden your fashion colour palette.

How to Wear Red

Black, white and grey separates are very complimentary shades. You can also up the style factor by mixing in a vintage t-shirt or adding red accessories to complete the stand out look.

Celebrate those you love with roses from your favourite florist, unique pink cocktails or small gifts to show your appreciation.