The ultimate cheat-sheet on weighted blankets

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

The journey of a good night's sleep has become a fixation for many Canadians; for most of us, we may be suffering from sleep disorders due to the struggles and stresses of the modern world. According to a recent statistic, 50 to 70 million in the United States and Canada suffer from sleep deprivation.

Before seeking help from medication and sleeping aids, how about you turn to weighted blankets; they are the perfect solution to all of your sleeping problems. In this post, we are going to inform and let you know more about weighted blankets in Canada. Don't go anywhere, stay tuned!

What should you weighted blankets have plastic pellets or glass beads?

When you are in the market for a weighted blanket, you'll notice that most of them have either glass beads or plastic poly pellets. For glass beads, they have the same size as sand and are usually very heavy than plastic pellets.

Glass beads usually are smaller in size, taking up less space making the blanket look much thinner compared to the one filled with plastic pellets. For plastic pellets, they are usually bigger, making them look a bit bulkier.

Both materials are of high quality, but other manufacturers prefer using plastic pellets as they are a bit cheaper to produce. Other ranges of weighted blankets like comforters are filled with polyester fiberfill for additional warmth.

If you are looking for a breathable and cooler blanket, then choose the one without a fill.

Do weighted blankets have removable covers?  

It's no secret that weighted blankets are heavier and can sometimes be challenging to wash, for blankets that weight ten pounds and above have to be machined washed either at home or through a commercial dryer and washer.

If you always worry about your weighted blanket having hairs, fur, or stains, you'll need to buy a removable cover. Most covers are either soft Minky fabric or cotton.

I would recommend going with cotton as it is more breathable and will have an attractive look and feel. For Minky fabrics, they are warmer and cozier. 

Some manufacturers sell both weighted blankets including a cover while others sell it as an add-on.

What is the appropriate size of a weighted blanket?

It’s advised that a weighted blanket should always cover your neck down, which means that you should always go for a twin-sized blanket. For parents with kids, there is a children's weighted blanket that has a smaller size and weight.

For users planning to sleep under their weighted blankets, it should always hang over the sides of your bed, ensuring it doesn't slide off the bed onto the floor.

When it comes to size, always compare it with your mattress. For those with a queen-sized bed, it recommended you get a twin-size weighted blanket if you have a king-size bed always go for a queen/full blanket.  

For your individual height, it's not as important as weight but always ensure you choose the one that makes you feel comfortable.

Note: Purchase a blanket that’s of the same size or a bit larger than you.