The unexplored gems of Central America


Most people visit some major tourist attractions and think they have experienced the best. But there are many hidden and unexplored locations everywhere that many tourists might skip. Think Eiffel Tower in Paris, which is a global phenomenon. And then consider Promenade Plantée. The chances are that most travelers do not know about this special spot.

Central America is no exception! It has dozens of well-known tourist attractions like Panama City. However, there are those unique locations that might go unnoticed. Therefore, if you have gotten bored of the same routine and want to rejuvenate yourself, consider the below-listed gems of Central America.

Of course, pay attention to the travel restrictions in Central America. If you feel unsafe, take this time as an opportunity to plan your next trip in the future. For one, always try to find discounts and special deals. In other cases, your location (accessed via your IP address) also determines how much you pay. Thus, if you feel like you frequently encounter price discrimination, use a travel VPN. It lets you change your IP address and find better deals!

Granada, Nicaragua

Granada is a colonial city, and it has maintained the old-world charm. The architecture of this city will make you fall in love with its natural beauty. If you want to enjoy boating on Lago de Nicaragua, visit Granada, and you can also experience the traditional food, music, and dance. This city never disappoints any tourist.

The city’s architectural centerpiece is the butter-yellow Cathedral of Granada. It overlooks and partially occupies central Plaza with its gothic revival architecture. It stands out among all others in Alhambra Valley, which no visitor can miss.

Places you must visit:

  1. Islets of Granada
  2. Mombacho Volcano
  3. Nicaragua Butterfly Reserves
  4. Guadalupe Church

Flores, Guatemala

Flores is a small town located in the Peten district of Guatemala. The city was once the Mayan outpost before being overtaken by the Spanish conquistadors. Flores has many historical sites, which are pretty popular among visitors for their architectural beauty.

Tikal National Park, Guatemala, remained hidden from the eyes of the world for a very long time. But its natural beauty and mysterious history make it a popular tourist spot.

Places You Must Visit:

  1. Mayan Ruins of Tikal
  2. Flores Island
  3. Santiago Atitlan Lake
  4. San Pedro La Laguna Town

San Ignacio, Belize

This town is very colorful and lively. There are many things to do here. San Ignacio is popular among hikers and climbers because it has beautiful waterfalls, rivers, and caves. If you are a nature lover, spend a few days in this beautiful town exploring its hidden secret places.

Places you must visit:

  1. Maya Centre Archeological Sites
  2. Cahal Pech Mayan Ruins
  3. Xunantunich Mayan Ruins
  4. Blue Hole National Park

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is heaven for nature admirers and hikers. The country’s deforestation rate has been declining, and it’s easy to see with all these untouched Costa Rican forests. They are still standing in stark contrast against their man-made counterparts, which are just miles away across town. You can experience lush green scenes from your hotel room window while you sip complimentary drinks.

Places you must visit:

  1. Dominical Beach
  2. Osa Peninsula
  3. Arenal Volcano National Park
  4. Puerto Viejo Town

David, Panama

There is a reason why David is often regarded as the “forgotten city” of Panama. It’s because it’s vibrant and so close to everything without being overcrowded. There are many historical attractions, but indigenous culture is the biggest attraction. The culture is proudly displayed in the souvenirs, clothing, and food. The Panama Canal is also nearby, which makes it a great tourist spot for people who love history.

Places you must visit:

  1. Kuna Yala Islands
  2. Embera Indian Village Tours for Walks and Hikes
  3. Volcan Baru National Park
  4. Cana Brava Beach Camp

La Ceiba, Honduras

La Ceiba is one of the best spots to stay in Honduras. The nightlife, food, and people are great here, which makes it a bit expensive. Its vibrant atmosphere can be experienced while sipping cocktails on your hotel’s pool deck while you wait for the sun to go down. La Ceiba has many good restaurants with great views of the water.

Places you must visit:

  1. Xcaret Eco Theme Park
  2. Isla Meanguera Beach Resort
  3. Sancocho Restaurant in Marina Fiesta Hotel

Suchitoto, El Salvador

Suchitoto is a very small town located in El Salvador. The place was once the capital of Cuzcatlan which is now part of El Salvador. There are many historical places which make it worth visiting. You may like to go on fishing trips, horseback riding, and ziplining tours, making it quite an exciting location for tourists.

Places you must visit:

  1. Ruinas De Suchitoto
  2. Lake Suchitlan National Park
  3. Cerro Verde National Park

San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

San Pedro La Laguna is one of the most well-known towns in Guatemala. On the weekends, people from Mexico and America come here to hang out with locals. The town boasts excellent views of Lake Atitlan, which is very beautiful. People usually go to the central part of town. Many bars, restaurants, and souvenir shops sell artisan crafts like textiles, wood carvings, and Mayan artwork in the central part.

Places you must visit:

  1. Lake Atitlan Town
  2. The Mountain Towns of Solola
  3. Sarah Cronin
  4. Volcan San Pedro


Central America is full of many hidden gems that are inexpensive and quite romantic. You can see the authentic culture by staying in local hotels with great food which you can enjoy while exploring all these places.