• By: Tisna Tini

Thirteen Strings presents a charming way to close the season with a Summer Serenade

Sometimes unpredictable things happen and it is then necessary to change a concert program! The chamber orchestra meant to present a concert titled “Day and Night”, but instead felt compelled as the sun was out to serenade their public! Music Director, Kevin Mallon happily complied and decided to reschedule the original program until next season.

Instead on June 3, Thirteen Strings, Ottawa's premier professional chamber orchestra has prepared a delightful program to welcome the summer season which will be presented at Dominion Chalmers Church at 7:30 pm.

This concert creates a beautiful harmony by bringing together past and present works. A Divertimento by Mozart; Serenades for Strings by Englishman, Edward Elgar and Czech composer Josef Suk; “One Sail” by John Burge; and, the prize-winning work in the Thirteen Strings University of Ottawa composition.

The musical term “Divertimento” usually symbolizes lighthearted or charming music in nature. Mozart represents it perfectly in his Divertimento. This three-movement work takes the form of a small symphony (or, more exactly: Sinfonia) and starts the concert with grace and joy.

Just over a hundred years later, the term “Serenade” indicated a more stylized musical form, less associated with outdoor performance. The Serenades for Strings, by the Englishman Edward Elgar, and by the Czech composer Josef Suk, were both written in 1892, and give us a glimpse at two different, yet charming, Romantic serenades.

This final concert also features works from present day, Matthew Knights, the winner of the 2019 Thirteen Strings / University of Ottawa Composition Prize will present a world première called Blessed by Beauty and Rage.

Last, but definitely not least, Rachel Mercer will play the beautiful “One Sail” a cello soloist by Canadian composer and one of Thirteen Strings’ favourites, John Burge.

“They say that there ain't no cure for the summertime blues,” says Director Kevin Mallon. “Well, I gotta tell you, we do have that cure- a concert of beautiful serenades by Mozart, Elgar and Suk- with an exquisite work by Canadian composer John Burge and a wonderful cello soloist- Rachel Mercer. Yep! This is the cure for the "summertime blues".”

Cello soloist Rachel Mercer. Photo credit: Nikki Wesley
Cello soloist-Rachel Mercer
Photo credits: Nikki Wesley

This concert is sure to warm summer hearts everywhere for all who attend and it is truly a wonderful way to end Thirteen Strings’.

Concert tickets for “Summer Serenade” on June 3 are available at Leading Note, Books on Beechwood, Compact Music and at www.thirteenstrings.ca.