• By: OLM Staff

This year’s EU Shorts Film Festival returns—online and free

This year the Canadian Film Institute is proud to present the 7th European Union Short Film Festival, which will be available for one full week from May 14 to 21. By partnering with fellow presenters, The Cinematheque in Vancouver and the Winnipeg Film Group Cinematheque, will be featuring a week filled with amazing films from around the EU. Tell everyone you know because the EU Short Film Festival is free and will be online and available all over Canada starting on May 14!

Coming in June and July, the Canadian Film Institute will have more special online programs such as the next installment of The Enlightened Screen series. Our guest film and media artist this time will be the multi-talented Vancouver-based Métis writer-director, Marie Clements. Her recent debut feature film, Red Snow, an intense drama about an Indigenous Canadian soldier taken captive in Afghanistan, was part of the 'Canada Now' showcase series in New York City back in February.

Over the summer we’ll be providing some other cinematic online experiences with a number of presenting partners. For now, enjoy your safe travels to 21 member states of the European Union through the 21 impressive short films that make up the 7th European Union Short Film Festival.

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