Three Easy Ways to Incorporate Your Favorite Art Into Your Life

Whether you're an artist or an admirer of other people's work, you'll know that some pieces of art just speak to you. It could be that the piece perfectly represents a feeling you have or conveys a state of mind or mood that helps you feel a certain way. Maybe you are inspired by the story of the piece. Or maybe you just like how it looks.

We all know the phrases “art imitates life” and “life imitates art,” but how literally have you thought about that? We've collated the top three ways you can incorporate your favorite art into your life, so now it's up to you—are you imitating the art, or is it imitating you?

1. Phone Cases

Starting small and subtle, have you ever thought about getting art on your phone case? It's 2023; we know you take your phone everywhere you go. It's probably in your hand more than it's not. So, what better way to appreciate your favorite piece than by walking about with it in your hand?

We're far from the days when everyone's phones just looked the same. There are thousands of designs, not just run-of-the-mill colors and shapes, either. Many cases nowadays feature actual art and illustrations by contemporary and iconic artists alike. Check out iPhone 14 Pro Max cases and add art to your everyday life.

2. Tote Bags

Another easy way of appreciating art is to wear it. In this instance, on a tote bag. And the best thing about this method? It's super cheap! Not only are tote bags incredibly versatile and handy to have on you, but they are also the perfect blank canvas to display the art you love so much.

The possibilities are endless with this option. After all, while it's highly likely that you will find one (scrap that, dozens) you love with the perfect art design, other options are available. Have you ever considered getting your tote bag customized with a specific print? Give it a go!

3. Graphic Tees

Keeping with the “wear it” trend, our final method of incorporating your favorite art into your life is the classic graphic tee. It's classic, it's bold, and it looks great! Oh, and did we mention it's practical and cheap, too? Honestly, this one might be our favorite choice.

Wearing art so boldly is not just a way of expressing yourself and what you love but can also be a great conversation starter. And maybe that way, you can convert more people to what you love!

Don't Just Admire Your Favorite Art; Wear It!

It wouldn't be a reach to say that art is life, so with that being the case, get out there and show it off proudly! If you love a piece of art, put it on your phone case or a tote bag, or even wear it on a t-shirt. Say it loud and proud while upgrading your wardrobe and customizing it to your artsy tastes!