Three reasons to visit Ottawa

You might have heard more about Toronto and Vancouver as the leading Canadian tourist spots, while Montreal has its little unique history that can’t be ignored. However, if you want to get the know the real Canada, you could do worse than visiting Ottawa. As one of the biggest cities in the Great White North, there is so much for any aspirational tourist to do.

Unique experiences

For starters, anyone visiting the city would be in awe when they visit the Rideau Canal. Freezing over in the winter months, it becomes the world’s largest outdoor ice rink, holding a place in the Guinness Book of Records at 7.8km. While you would normally have to walk or even get a bus or taxi to navigate any city, Ottawa offers a unique experience. You can skate through the city, a truly one-off experience that Ottawa can only provide. You can grab a hot cocoa from the rinkside shops and make the most of what can only be described as a genuine winter wonderland. Ice Skating isn’t the only winter sport that you can take part in across Ottawa. You can go cross-country skiing on pre-determined trails across the Greenbelt area, while you can also take part in snow-shoeing across Gatineau Park.

Celebrating winter

If you time it right, there is the Winterlude Festival which helps to celebrate the historical culture of Ottawa. Taking place over the first three weekends in February, it is an annual event where you can enjoy ice sculptures, enjoy the Snowflake Kingdom and skate across the aforementioned Rideau Canal. With so many exhibits to witness both inside and outside, it is one of the biggest cultural events in the city.

Embrace the culture

As the capital of Canada, Ottawa is home to the main government buildings in Parliament Hill. You can take a free tour of the Gothic Revival architecture where you can learn how the government functions daily. Throughout the summer, you can see the Sound and Light show, which shows you the rich history of Canada in a half-hour audiovisual presentation. Presented in both English and French, it is a cultural experience that would enhance the trip for any interested tourist.

Make the most of downtime

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While most cities tend to grind to a halt when winter sets in, Ottawa seems to come alive. With so much available to tourists, it is little wonder why it has become such a popular destination for those who have such a strong affection for winter. As a cultural home and the capital of Canada, visiting Ottawa would be more than worth anyone’s while.

Photo: OLM staff