• By: Katie Hartai

Tie Up Your Dancing Shoes and Get Ready for Sea Perry

Get ready to put on your dancing shoes for the single Molly’s Shoes by Canadian folk-rock band Sea Perry.

The catchy and upbeat song dropped at the beginning of April from the band’s debut full-length album, Do What You Do, set to be released April 21. If this first single is any indication of how the rest of the album will be, you’ll want to keep those dancing shoes on!

“We have a pretty good mix of sounds with some folk elements, rock, pop and others,” explains drummer Chad Bouchard. “Everyone can appreciate a little something from the album.”

The three-man band also includes Chris Milligan on guitar and lead vocals, along with Shawn Fisher on bass, piano and backing vocals. They formed Sea Perry in their hometown of Sudbury, Ontario two years ago.

“We do everything collaboratively which means at the end of the day we are all extremely satisfied,” explains Fisher. “It is three hearts all being put into one song.”

Milligan adds, “There is not just one person steering the ship.”

Sea Perry_Molly'sShoes Single ArtworkSea Perry’s debut EP Why The Folk Not? was released in 2013. The band has opened for internationally recognized artists including the Trews and Great Big Sea. They have also performed at events across Ontario, including Boots and Hearts, Big Music Fest and the Northern Lights Festival. The band will be playing songs from their new album at the 4th Street Lilac Festival in Calgary next month.

“(Do What You Do) is pretty ambitious for our first actual album,” says Fisher.

The 10 track collection was produced by Michael Jack who has been in the recording industry for 28 years. Among the thousands of artists he has worked with, Nelly Furtado, Anne Murray and Bono are just a few.

“I can’t pick a favourite song off the album,” says Milligan. “I smile every time I play every song.”

Promoting the album’s release, the band took to the stage at Ottawa’s Avant-Garde bar March 28. Admiring the city for unique reasons, they don’t intend on staying away for long.

“I like it because it has good coffee shops,” says Milligan. “In Sudbury there are a few good coffee shops, but everybody is just all about Tim Hortons so it is nice to go get a good cup of joe somewhere.”

“Mine is a weird one,” admits Fisher. “I really like the infrastructure of Ottawa and find it more organized than most Canadian cities.”

“My favourite part about Ottawa is the cat sanctuary,” says Bouchard confidently. “The first time I was here I saw the section by the Parliament buildings where all the stray kitties live.”

Do What You Do will be available for download on iTunes April 21. To learn more about Sea Perry and their cross-Canada summer tour, check out the band’s website or Facebook page.