Tips for choosing a perfect engagement ring

Are you planning to propose in an extraordinary way? Not sure what kind of ring to choose. Engagement ring shopping is often romanticized though it is in no way an easy task as it is going to put a final bolt for all your efforts in a relationship.

No matter how good a shopper you think you are, shopping for others is always difficult. Some things that you need to decide on before and while shopping are described below to make it somewhat easy.

Things to keep in mind while shopping for a ring

Before social media, it was easier to select an engagement ring for your fiancé. Should you select a diamond or birthstone? Nowadays, it can be hard to figure out the design, price, and brand. Tips for making this purchase are below.

Decide on your budget

The importance of this cannot be overstated. There is no need to lose yourself in trends on social media. Make sure your jeweler knows the pattern, shape, and stone you want on your ring. Usually, men feel the engagement ring must be paid for with 2-3 months' worth of living expenses. But now that the time has changed don't let your needs dictate your budget.

An engagement ring is a proclamation of your love, not a financial asset that will decide on your social status. Don’t start the new era of your life under debt decide on the budget first.

Decide on the design of the engagement ring.

If you have decided on the shape of your ring, this shopping spree will become alot more manageable. Round engagement rings are always in fashion though they can be more expensive than other shapes. Study and search for the trends and fashion going on for engagement nowadays before setting out for shopping.

Decide on Carat Size

Some people live by motive bugger the better, but some people like small delicate things decide for th carat size according to your partner taste as you are supposed to know her best. After you have decided on the carat size, stick to it while shopping to avoid putting a dent in your wallet.

Be open-minded when shopping. Things that you like may not suit you or your partner's taste in jewelry. Choose a less popular carat size as it will save you a lot of money. Diamond prices rise dramatically when they are half or whole carat weights. The savings are significant, and no one will know what the diamond is 0.92 carats instead of 1 carat.

Find out her ring size.

Don't ask your partner what size ring she wears upfront if you want to keep your proposal a surprise. As an alternative, borrow one of her rings from her jewelry box and have it sized by a jeweler. Ask her friends or mother to find out what size ring your girlfriend wears if she doesn't already have one. Even if you have to be covert about it, it's better than her finding out you're about to propose.

Take a close friend with you.

Deciding on such an important piece of your relationship can be tiring, so seek the support of a few close friends. Consult with people who have just gotten engaged to give you a few pointers to decide on jewelers, Ask your mutual friends who you know well and whose taste you admire for their advice on aesthetics. There is no way a person hasn't thought about their wedding, search for clues, and check her Pinterest board. She is most likely to have a wedding board like every other girl.

Negotiate Like a Pro

Usually, engagement rings are being charged for alot more than their actual preparation cost. Some engagement rings have a markup of 500% or more. Don't back down while bargaining and investigate before making a decision.


Shopping for a ring for your future spouse matters alot as you may gain a brownie point by deciding on the right ring. Don’t stress, just selects a few rings and ask for advice from her friend as they are most likely to know her taste.

Photo: Pexels, Jasmine Carter