Tips for saving money on your UK trip

Thinking of taking a break from Canada and travelling to the UK to explore all things British? For such a small country, it has a lot to offer an overseas traveller. Visit London for its eclectic mix of cultures, famous architecture, food and fashion, explore the quaint villages of the cotswolds or go on a historical tour of the grand city of Bath. There is something on offer for everyone. But with so much on offer to see and do, you don't want to blow your travel budget all at once. Here are some top tips for saving money on your UK holiday, so that you can visit as many places as possible. 

All Things Airport

Air travel can be expensive but there are plenty of ways to ensure you don’t use all of your budget on travel alone. The key is to book flights far in advance to ensure the best deals possible. It is also important to research the UK’s school holiday periods as in these select weeks, flights can double or even triple in price. Airport parking is often a forgotten cost but can be extremely pricey. The solution is to use voucher codes, with the UK website Promo Codes For, supplying you with all the best money saving codes so that you can spend less on your travel. With codes for all the top airport parking and flight company’s, you can start saving money before you even start your holiday. 

Hire a Car

This may be a controversial tip, but if you're planning a long stay and a lot of travel, hiring a car can really save you precious pounds. That is if you're travelling anywhere outside of London of course. British public transport, especially train travel, is notoriously expensive and not to mention unreliable. What’s more, rural excursions can mean you’re miles away from the nearest village. So don’t let transport dictate and hinder your trip, hire a car and explore even the most remote regions of the UK.

Find The Best Food

Eating out can be expensive and so staying in an AirBnb is a great choice that allows you to make meals at home. The UK has a wide range of supermarkets from the high end Waitrose to more budget choices such as Lidl and Aldi. Get all you need for delicious meals and save yourself money at one of these cheaper supermarkets. Alternatively, if you're staying in a hotel rather than an AirBnb, there are many choices to make eating cheaper. Pick up a meal deal from Sainsbury’s, Boots or any corner store as any easy, filling and cheap lunch. Or, for something more nutritious whilst you're on the go, go for a Pret-A-Manger and grab a cheapish and delicious lunch out and about. British pubs are also a great choice for hearty food that doesn't cost the earth.

Get Into The Free Culture

Thanks to the Arts Council, the UK has an abundance of arts and cultural experiences available to experience for free. Wherever you are staying, be sure to search for the nearest free admission attractions. I can promise you'll never be too far from an art museum, theatre performance or dance class. For more information on the best British museums for Canadians to visit, check out this article. Best of all, you can get these cultural experiences for free or a small charge. In addition, Britain also has hundreds of heritage sites available. Heritage Open Days runs free days out across the UK as castles, abbey’s and park’s open their doors to visitors.

So, follow this guide and you're sure to save money on your break to the UK. Whether you're saving to continue your European tour or simply want to splash out on a few British luxuries along the way, you're sure to have some money left to do so with this guide. 

 Photo: Trang Dang from Pixabay