Tips on How to Achieve a Better and Younger Looking Skin

It is essential to have good skin as you grow old. That is why you should be able to take good care of your skin while you are still young because the usual signs of skin aging start to appear as early as your mid-twenties. Here are some easy to follow skin care tips that you can do on your own without spending too much money.


Clear up your skin from acne breakout by using a steam shower since it opens up your skin pores and gets rid of toxins through sweating. Do this at least three to five times a week and notice significant changes in your skin condition in just a few months. Another way to effectively detoxify is by maintaining a regular exercise routine and drinking at least one cup of green tea daily.


Applying the right amount of moisturizer and lotion on your skin before bedtime and in the morning before leaving for work can help delay the signs of aging by preventing wrinkles and fine lines. Moisturizers also help your face and body look more radiant and refreshing all day long even without make-up. There are a lot of affordable products in the market that are effective and at the same time gentle on the skin.

Quit smoking

When you are young, you may have this mindset that smoking is cool, but you will eventually realize that smoking is the opposite of what you think once you get older. Aside from its cancer-causing ingredients, cigarettes can speed up the aging process of the skin because of nicotine. People who expose themselves to first and second-hand smoke are prone to wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and dry skin. If you are currently smoking, this is a good reason for you to get rid of cigarettes for good.

Get some quality sleep

Make sure to get your beauty rest every night by not going way past your bedtime. As much as possible every adult should get at least eight hours of quality sleep each day. Because it is during our sleep that our body repairs damaged cells and produces collagen that moisturizes and improves skin elasticity. Lack of sleep causes us to look more tired and old. In some cases, we may experience puffy or swollen eyes, dry and flaky skin, brittle nails and hair, and pale skin complexion.


Many people think that sunscreen is only used during the summer when hanging out on the beach. In reality, sunscreen does many wonders as it gives your skin extra layers of protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer or melasma, wrinkles, painful sunburn and of course premature aging. Choose a sunscreen product that has SPF +30 and above for your face, neck and other body parts every time you go outdoors.

It is essential to take care of your skin by having enough discipline and following a strict regimen every day because prevention is way better than finding a cure.

Photo: Fantastic B, Unsplash