Tips on how to make a getaway with your girls to Vegas memorable

Sin City is a dream destination for many people, but it’s okay to be nervous about visiting this place. This guide will help you to navigate the city with your girls like experienced travelers.

Planning a Getaway with Your Girls This Weekend to Vegas? Read These Tips and Tricks

Millions of people travel to Las Vegas every year, but not all of them manage to get the most out of the trips. The city is full of unforgettable casinos, magnificent hotels, shopping venues, and other attractive locations. Read these tips to make sure your getaway with your girls goes smoothly.

Take a Narrated Bus Tour

Once you land in Vegas, you will notice several narrated bus tours of the city. These tours can help you to plan out your trip and give you a chance to view all the must-see attractions of Las Vegas. Also, during a narrated bus tour, you can get some insider knowledge of the buildings and the history of the city.

Usually, tours start at the Vegas Strip street and end in downtown Vegas, with about twenty stops within the trip. Although the tours allow you to hop off at any point, consider going for the entire trip at once to mark some spots you will later visit with your girls.

Enjoy All Experiences You Get

Vegas offers an experience unlike any other in the world. You may expect one thing but experience another, so you need to keep an open mind and enjoy everything as it happens.

You are highly likely to run into some unusual experiences that you won’t otherwise have at home. But there’s no need to worry because everything that happens in Vegas stays there, as per the city’s motto. Having a strict plan of your trip may only worsen the experience because plans rarely fall into place in this city.

See a Show in Vegas

The entertainment scene of Vegas is not limited to gambling. You can and should see some shows, from musicals to magic performances and dance competitions. These shows are usually announced beforehand, so you can purchase tickets long before the day of the event.

Arguably, the best shows in the city are organized by Cirque du Soleil, and their most popular shows include Michael Jackson One and Mystere. The Michael Jackson show includes tricks and performances related to the King of Pop, and Mystere is a fun play to laughter and wonder with the crowd.

The best shows may be quite expensive to access, but if you search patiently, you will probably find a decent discount. Keep in mind the season, the seats, and the novelty of the show you want to attend with your girls.

Choose a Hotel that Matches Your Needs

Vegas has hundreds of hotels, and each one is built for a different clientele. Some of these hotels come with swimming pools, gambling stations, and fancy restaurants. Others are simply known for their famous and attractive themes.

Many of the hotels on the Strip street are very expensive, so you should only consider them if you have a large sum of money to spend. However, if you want to visit Las Vegas once in a lifetime and get it all, go for the top-rated place.

Don’t Buy Drinks in Casinos

If you are going to Vegas, you are likely to be planning a visit to one of their famous casinos. The one thing you should avoid is buying drinks while you gamble.

If getting drunk, you may spend a lot of money on unreasonable bets. Also, since the alcohol will lose your inhibitions, you may end up playing games you don’t even understand.

There is no need to spend money on drinks as you gamble in a casino. After a while, a cocktail waitress is bound to offer you some complimentary drinks to encourage you to play more. If you accept the drinks, make sure you tip the waitress (usually, at least a buck).

Be Smart with Slot Machines

Mike Tan at OnlineCasinoGems noted, “Vegas won’t be Vegas without the flashing LED lights, beeping, and electrical buzzing of slot machines.” Slot machines bring life both to online and land-based casinos, and you should not miss a chance of playing these games. If you are specifically interested in winning, you can play higher denominations.

Although you might find it fun to play flashy games with exciting features, you have a higher chance of winning with the plain games. Always ask for the return to player rate before you play as it will determine your chances of winning. Ideally, the RTP should be at least 97%.

You can also boost your chances of winning by betting the maximum. This way, you will be able to bet on all the features of the games, including the jackpot.

Plan Your Visiting Time to Lower the Costs

There is no doubt that Vegas is an expensive city to visit. To enjoy it to the fullest, you may need to save money where possible here.

One thing you should consider when planning your trip with your girls is whether there are any major events in the city. Make sure you go on a trip on days that are free of such events, as they can increase the costs of hotel rooms.

Since you will come in a group, you can consider coming in the middle of the week instead of the weekend. Since weekdays are less busy, you will usually be able to pay less for your rooms compared to weekend rates.

Final Thoughts

A getaway with girls to Vegas can be extremely fun. To get the best of your visit, you will need to plan your trip dates with all the events around in mind.

Make sure you go for the getaway when there are no major events in the city, as that will lower your overall spending. What is more, do not plan each hour and minute, and Vegas loves to surprise and entertain its visitors.

A trip to Vegas can’t be complete without spectacular shows and some gambling experience. Don’t ease up on drinking in casinos, although free drinks are usually served to players. The most important thing is to remember to keep an open mind, have fun with your girls, and enjoy all experiences as they come.

Photo: Tookapic, Pixabay