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Tom Wilson Tehoháhake: Exploring Identity Through Art

Title: Mohawk Warriors Hunters & Chiefs: The Art of Tom Wilson Tehoháhake
Publisher: Goose Lane Editions
Language: English and Mohawk
Pages: 88
ISBN: 9781773104072
Price: $35 

Step into the captivating world of Tom Wilson (Tehoháhake), a modern Mohawk artist whose journey of self-discovery echoes through the corridors of Canadian history. From the iconic Canadian rocker with 90’s alt-rock band Junkhouse and the acclaimed Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Wilson is a multi-award-winning musician whose abundance of talents illuminate the path of Indigenous resilience.

In Mohawk Warriors, Hunters & Chiefs, Wilson’s artwork serves as a powerful conduit between past and present, intertwining ancestral echoes with contemporary struggles. Each brushstroke breathes life into the spirits of warriors, hunters, and chiefs, forging a poignant connection to his Mohawk heritage.

The story of Wilson’s childhood and the discovery of his true identity is told in a TVO documentary based on his memoir Beautiful Scars: Steeltown Secrets, Mohawk Skywalkers and the Road Home.

Wilson’s latest collection of 35 vibrant reproductions delves deeper into the profound journey of cultural reclamation. It’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of art to transcend language and convey the ineffable.

Recognized with a prestigious lifetime achievement award by the City of Hamilton Arts, Wilson’s impact as an author, musician, and painter resonates far beyond the canvas. Mohawk Warriors, Hunters & Chiefs invites you to embark on a visual odyssey, where every stroke tells a story of identity, belonging, and the indomitable spirit of the Mohawk people.

About the authors:

David Liss is an independent curator, writer, and artist living in Toronto. He was formerly the director and curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto.

Tom Wilson (Tehoháhake) was inducted into the Order of Canada in 2023 for his contribution to the arts and his advocacy in Indigenous communities. His book Beautiful Scars is a National Bestseller and a CBC Best Book of 2017.