Top 12 most popular types of YouTube videos: list of popular genres to get the most views

PHOTO: NordWood Themes, Unsplash

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has grown to become an indispensable platform for video hosting with over 1.3 billion users. YouTube provides the user with various kinds of content, from the informed viewer to the researcher and even down to the one who views for pleasure. According to the Google Survey in 2016, 80% of persons within 18 to 49 years watch YouTube.

With the right content, YouTube becomes a very fertile ground, an essential tool for video marketing. Some kinds of content overtime have elicited more demand than others. For text-based content, you can always use a professional writing service. Thus, to utilize YouTube as a marketing tool, you need to know the most popular YouTube genres that attract the highest number of views to correctly direct your marketing. When you do this, you will need to grow your viewership and visibility or you can buy YouTube subscribers. Visit here for your real YouTube views, subscribers, and likes, all easy to purchase at low prices. This article will try to streamline what the top most popular types of YouTube videos are.


These are gradually becoming the first point of call people turn to when they want to make purchasing decisions. Nolan Molt from Think Media describes them in the following way: “Product reviews are used to test the product and form your opinion. People are going to be watching this video to hear what you have to say about the product and to see what kind of experiences you've had with it”.

In this most viewed type of video, the reviewer sheds light on their experience with using the product, its pros and cons, and whether they would recommend it to another user or not. These reviews are designed for two primary reasons: either to help users decide about purchasing the product or service in question or to promote a product and present it in an excellent light to the public. Influencer marketers usually create this type of exciting content to influence public opinion and perception of the product or service being reviewed.


YouTube is full of comedy videos both by well-known comedians and aspiring ones. The entertainment industry rakes in billions of dollars every year, and comedy occupies an important place in the entertainment industry. Thus, the reason why comedy skits are viral as well as attract very high views is not far-fetched. The genres range from peasant comedy to brilliant ones. As Brian Dean mentioned, “Well, humor is an easy way to lighten things up AND make your videos better. More important than that, these little jokes help spice up videos on dry topics”. The goal is to find someone whose style matches your sense of humor. The constant, however, is the high demand for this content on YouTube anytime, any day. While a few make contents purely to entertain, most others create and share comedy skits on YouTube for marketing, either for their brand or for their clients.


Just as its name sounds, this type of content guides the user with a step-by-step guide on carrying out a given action. According to the top digital marketing specialist Damien Hong, “YouTube videos starting with “How-to” rank among the most popular content”. There are no limits to information that may be made into a how-to video. It visually shows one how you can carry out a task.

How-to guides as one of the top YouTube categories provide an avenue for fast learning and quick assimilation of what is being taught since it encourages on-the-spot practical of what is being taught. The goal is for the viewer-learner to work alongside the guide. These videos are ever relevant. Also, you can search YouTube for how-to guides on literally any topic. See more about this here.


There are different kinds of gaming videos:

  • Gaming Tutorials, where someone plays the game while walking his audience/viewers through the process and the rules involved.
  • Live play sessions. Neil Patel states the following about live streams: “Live streaming taps into a uniquely human affinity for sharing and storytelling. Unlike ever before, people have a means of interacting with their favorite brands. They can do this at the exact moment that those brands are reaching out.”
  • Gaming Reviews entail a review of a particular game. These videos are becoming increasingly popular as gaming moves from becoming not just a male activity to an activity enjoyed by both genders and various age brackets.


VLOGS are short form for Video Blogs. These are the video versions of a blog. This is a form of a visual public diary that is usually posted on the Internet. Vloggers provide engaging documentation of their daily lives and events happening in their lives. The video can focus on any aspect of the vlogger's life. Presentation is usually seamless and informal such that the entire production comes across as a spontaneous outflow of the vlogger's mind.

Vlogs are a kind of video like a miniature version of Reality TV shows. The vlogger reveals details about their lives, even private information sometimes. Because people love the frankness, the generally relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, and the occasional humor that accompanies vlogs, it attracts high viewership. It has also become a very preferred form of blogging in recent times, leading to its wide popularity and social media specialist.

Recipe Videos

Culinary videos are definitely another category where you can create a lot of buzz, creating edible or healthy recipes. They are also very viral. YouTube has become one of these social networks that is full of and dedicated to food and cooking; people love foods and eating is a very human activity. Cooking clips, therefore, tend to be very popular. Videos with recipes are one of the most viewed. Edible videos, while perhaps they have not completely caught on, have the potential to become very viral. With the emphasis on healthy lifestyles on this platform as well as being a lifestyle icon for the majority of the population, people will always want recipes that will help them look and feel healthy.


The purpose of this type of videos is to inform, educate, and provide answers to questions. Videos with educational content will remain relevant as long as YouTube exists. There are videos on different topics and fields. Visual educational content makes learning more comfortable and more engaging than conventional auditory learning. While some channels focus on providing educational content for students in all cadres, other videos offer scope for a wider audience's consumption. Examples of such content include Ted talks, documentaries, specialized content on a particular sector/industry. This could be health, sports, agriculture, etc. In whatever form it exists, the goal is one, that is, to inform, educate, and clarify facts.


These kinds of videos are straightforward but are loved by people and get the most views. Unboxing involves YouTubers opening boxes containing new and novel products that their audience is sure to love, accompanied by a short or detailed description of the product. It is usually met with a lot of excitement and curiosity by the viewers, as simple as that sounds. In a short period, unboxing videos have won a soft spot in the heart of YouTube users. Unboxing is an excellent way of creating awareness for your channel since most of the unboxed products receive lots of searches, and Youtubers who like this type of content will subscribe after watching your unboxing videos.


The good thing about videos is that you don’t have to be a musician to include this content as part of your YouTube content. Also, music videos are a very viral kind of content that can double your views overnight! You will find new subscribers trooping to your channel, thereby securing greater exposure for your channel. Good music will always attract people, so you should utilize musical content to grow your channel.


Shane Barker digital strategist, brand & influencer consultant sees live streams as a huge success: “Live streaming and video in general is becoming incredibly popular, particularly with the growth of social media, so it's no surprise to see live-stream videos are doing so well on YouTube.”

Live streaming is the conversion of uncompressed video captures into compressed video output in real time. However, the technological advances do not overshadow the popularity of live streams. They have grown in popularity with time. It is easy to view live streaming, especially by mobile users on their devices.

Live streams usually last for a long time compared to recorded streams, and the audience retention rate is a great point in favor of live streams.


This is a compilation of questions on popular topics that one gets asked recurrently in their genre. It provides an avenue for deeper engagements between YouTubers and their subscribers. Q&A is usually exciting. The videos not only arouse the curiosity of viewers but satisfy them. For example, Jessica Foster, the contributor at Search Engine Journal, sees a lot of positive aspects in Q&A videos: “Q&A videos help you build trust with your audience and attract more traffic online. They are helpful for when you want to answer common questions your audience may have about a particular topic.”

However, they are usually technical and, as such, are for a specific audience. Again, the YouTuber producing Q&A videos must be diligent about giving value. He will need this to retain the attention of his audience.


Walkthroughs provide detailed information on media types like movies, books, games, etc. They are supposed to be step-by-step, providing subscribers with information they had no prior knowledge of. Popular media should be the main focus of the YouTuber when producing walkthrough videos. Also, viewers' preferences matter; thus, the focus should be more on subjects that the audience finds intriguing. Walkthroughs become a drag when the target audience has no passion for the subject of the presentation. Recent and popular media are a good start. As your audience grows and becomes more committed, you can provide product links or include affiliate ads since a passionate audience will be willing to purchase merchandise from you or that you recommended.


YouTube content has a variety of forms and genres. However, you will need to look through your channel and brand and then decide which one of YouTube topics and the type of content best suited for your brand and target audience.