Top 7 factors to check when buying wet wipes

Wet wipes are pre-moistened paper or fabric sheets that are wrapped and folded for ease of use. They are efficient for cleaning and disinfecting various parts of the body. Although they serve a common purpose, not all wet wipes are the same. They are produced by a variety of manufacturers, who also use different substrates, procedures, and surface treatment. You must know how to pick the wipes that match your needs.

If you can’t find any reviews about the brand you intend to buy from, you can do a test yourself to find out if it matches your expectations. Check for the following details:

Wipe Packaging

You are the end user, and the one in charge of disposing of the packaging material. First, check the packaging to determine its ability to protect wipes from contamination. After this, find out if the material is reusable or if it can be recycled. It is the duty of every consumer to ensure that they avoid environmental pollution at all cost.

Fibers On the Wiped Surface

Wipes that leave fibers on your skin after using it for cleaning are not good options. Best quality wet wipes should leave nearly no fibers on the cleaned surface. Residue free cleaning is always the best for your skin.

Resistance to Tear and Abrasion

Premium quality wet wipes resist mechanical stress and do not tear. In most instances, only the wipes made from fabrics have this ability. The specific fabrics that greatly resist tear are polyester and polyamide. On the other hand, the ability of your wipes to withstand abrasion is shown through water resistance. Take your wet wipe and do this test to discover its risk of abrasion. Polyamide fibers are the most resistant to abrasion.

Capacity to Absorb and Release

Differences in materials used for manufacturing and ingredients determine wipes absorption potential. The fibers and spaces left in-between determine the volume of absorption. Ability to release depends on how the substance is soaked. To improve the capacity of your synthetic wipes, use them alongside water-based cleaners. Efficiency and costs will determine what you achieve. Weight of the fabric or paper used to make the wipes also affects absorption and release features.

Is It Biodegradable?

You should prioritize this inspection step if you are looking for flushable wipes. The manufacturer should state if the wipes are 100% biodegradable. Check packaging carefully to find this information. You can still test the wipes yourself to confirm if the claims are accurate.


Your choice will depend on the cleaning needs. Only select the very large wipes if you intend to clean a large area, and vice versa. Even then, the very small wipes may not give an adult user satisfactory cleansing and disinfection. Medium size wipes are, thus, the best to use.

Reputable Sellers

Now that you know the key features to look out for, it is time to find a brand whose offering meets your expectations. DUDE Wipes is one brand whose products satisfactorily fulfill the features discussed above.

Your favorite wet wipes should be those that meet your cleansing needs and also protect the environment.

Photo: Unsplash