Top summer trends for your home

The visual images that surround us directly affect our emotional state. Let’s agree, that looking at green trees and blooming flowers is much more pleasant than looking at bare branches and dirty snow. Summer changes can affect not only nature and wardrobe, and our lifestyle but also our interiors. What seasonal changes will allow you to get more positive emotions from the living space if summer has caught you in the apartment? Let’s talk about it.

Atmospheric lighting

These lamps are designed for gardens, country terraces, and verandas, but they can also take root on the balcony of a city apartment, where you can arrange a bohemian lounge area in summer. You can transform a balcony or loggia in the summer with little money and literally in a matter of minutes: just arrange a mini-oasis of pillows and blankets. A mobile lamp will create the necessary mood.

You can select universal minimalist models that will fit into any interior environment.

To turn a balcony into a garden or your own summer cafe, decorate it with garlands. Flashing and colorful should wait for the New Year holidays. But for serene summer evenings, garlands with plain light bulbs in warm yellow light will be suitable.

Time to throw pillows

If you have a lot of pillows, you can try to live without furniture in the summer. In any case, everything is on the same balcony. And if you are sick of the idea of ​​turning the interior into a little Morocco, change the pillowcases of those pillows that live on the sofa in the living room or on the bed in the bedroom.

Themed decorative slipcovers will help freshen up the decor, and when their season is over and it's time to make way for a set of fall, this decor won't take up much storage space.

Pillows with floral print create a summer mood just like fresh flowers in a vase, and unlike flowers, pillows do not fade.

"Flowering" tablecloths

Slow bumblebees circling over rose bushes, the smell of freshly cut grass, trees closing overhead… If all this country flavor is far from you, you can reproduce a more serene atmosphere in a city apartment. The main thing is to choose textiles.

You can choose a “blooming” linen and cotton textile collection from the designer of a decorative painting factory.

Tablecloths and napkins with national patterns are recommended to be combined with a jug of cool homemade lemonade and a volume of Golden Age poetry.

Summer under your feet

If you want a bigger change than pillows and tablecloths, but don't have the energy to repaint walls or change the wallpaper: choose seasonal decor that takes up a lot of visual space. The main candidate for this role is the carpet.

The conductor of summer associations can be a classic or fantasy floral print, a long-haired carpet reminiscent of soft meadow grass, or an ironic sun-shaped rug.

Near the window

The summer mood in the interior can be achieved with new curtains. We offer you to take a closer look at the fantasy scenes from the plant world of William Morris. Try to choose the most summer drawings in anti-stress colors.

If decor is not enough

On the floor in a summer interior can be most often found: bleached wood, natural stone, and ceramic "carpets". Laminate and porcelain stoneware can become worthy analogs.

The style-forming elements in the space can be an archway, painted ceramics, and coarse textiles, as well as a variety of wickerwork: baskets, lampshades, and rattan furniture. Logan furniture is a good example of the furnishings with the summer vibes.

Living plants are considered an indispensable attribute, sending thoughts to shady Mediterranean gardens. The most recognizable will be a citrus tree in a tub.

If you want more stylization, you can spice up the interior with marine decor: pieces of rope, shells, decorative models of ships, and even oars, and fishing tackle can be used. Souvenirs from travels will fit well into such a company. A painting or poster with a seascape will play a significant role.

The interior can be riched with lace curtains on a forged cornice, which cast beautifully patterned shadows on the walls and look as if they are about to be picked up by a breath of the sea wind.

The interior will look more like a villa by the sea if you add a few luxurious elements, such as an antique sideboard or an oriental rug. Antique finds can harmoniously coexist with laconic but voluminous furniture. The priority is soft rounded shapes.

Vacation forever

Colors and Mediterranean motifs, born on a sunny seaside, can move into a city apartment.

Refreshing tones and a relaxed nautical-style atmosphere will help turn the apartment into your own Mediterranean island in the middle of a dusty, sun-weary metropolis.

The main thing is not to get carried away with styling. If you overdo it, the interior will turn into a parody. For example images of the inhabitants of the depths and thematic marine decor can be used as unobtrusive echoing accents, but if you force shells and paint everything around with anchors, the room can look comical. This approach would be appropriate only in the children's bathroom.

In an apartment, it is better to abandon full-fledged styling altogether. Elements of the Mediterranean style will easily intermarry with other areas if they are united by a love for a measured lifestyle, simplicity, and light walls.

Summer vibes can be added as the seasonal solution, which will be changed with autumn coming. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t stop with this kind of approach. If you like the colorful and warm vibe of the summer you can transform your interior totally and make it shine with the brightness of white arches and wicker furniture.

Photos: Unsplash