Top ten places to visit in Ottawa

Like plenty of other capital cities in the world, Ottawa is a nice place to live, work and explore. If you would like to work in the city, you can get professional resume online on this site.  However, If you are only a tourist, and therefore, not in need of professional resume online, one thing you will realize is that there is a room for engaging in exciting outdoor and urban activities. Here is a list of the best spots to visit in the city.

1. National Gallery of Canada

If you would like to see the best landmarks of Canada in one place, you need to visit the cultural attractions, galleries and museums.  When you visit the National Gallery of Canada, you come across stunning art being displayed. A visit here will bring to life the Canadian culture. This is one more place to learn about the city of Ottawa.

2. ByWard market

This is a historical market for farmers as well as a shopping district. It is a favorite meeting point for many people due to the restaurants and clubs. It is located east of Parliament Hill. This market is reputed for its fresh food as well as maple syrup retailers.

3. Rideau Canal

This Canal stretches for 200 kilometers even though it is only 1.6 meters deep. Initially, it was supposed to be a route between Lake Ontario and Montreal. The canal is very active during summer. During winter it is a recreational spot for skating.

4. Parliament Hill

This is the headquarter of the government of the country. It is also a community and cultural hub with activities that are hosted in an incredible setting. You can enjoy yoga here in front of this iconic building.

5. Canadian war museum

Located at the shore of Ottawa River, this structure is marked by a distinct building that is hugely flat and rises to 80 feet. You will see a wide range of military vehicles, tanks and guns used in wars. You can learn more about Canadian war museum.

6. A haunted walk

There is a wide range of recreational walking tours in this city. These are often tailored to the specific interest of the visitor.  The haunted walk provides a wide range of eerie night walks to the downtown of the city. You can stop at key points like the Rideau Canal or the HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel to listen to haunting stories.

7. Peace tower

This is among the ten places to visit in the city. The observation deck of the peace tour offers a panoramic view while on top of the peace tower, which is Ottawa’s highest point. You can see a peace tower video online.

8. Canadian Museum of Nature

How about an afternoon spent looking at dinosaur fossils? A tour of the city is incomplete without taking the time to appreciate the diversity in the lakes and oceans. If you want to see bugs, birds, and bears in their natural habitats, this is a must-visit place.

9. Canada aviation & space museum

If you have ever wondered how things are in place, you should visit this landmark, and you will have these questions answered.

10. The National Arts Centre

This is the biggest venue for performing arts in Canada. It hosts over 600 performances every year and is therefore worth a visit.