Top trends in kitchen hardware material for 2022

Kitchen hardware is what sparkles at first sight in a kitchen. It's what pulls it all together and what completes the look of your space. Modern interior designers are using various materials to create things like cabinets, countertops, floors, and more. What will these trends be in 2022?


It's a sturdy and durable option that goes great with all kinds of decor styles, from rustic to industrial and more. It's what many designers are using for countertops and kitchen islands. It can be stained to give it a unique look or left plain so that the natural black color shows through. Moreso, concrete is eco-friendly, durable, and affordable.


This option goes great with modern kitchen designs that are sleek and open-looking. Many designers are using cabinets because it doesn't absorb moisture like other options do which can lead to mold growth over time if not correctly cared for. Bamboo has a natural sheen to it which works well in the clean lines of today's kitchens while still creating an organic feel when used as flooring or countertops instead of cabinets. It also blends well with all kinds of decor styles, so you don't have to change your entire look around what material you decide on using throughout your kitchen space!

Stone surfaces

This is because of how versatile they are when it comes to decor styles too! Many people choose quartz, marble, granite, or other types of stones for their counters and cabinets to make their kitchens pop with personality and style. They also clean up well and don't stain as wood does, making them excellent options even if you have kids.

Stone countertops–granite, marble, slate, etc. are attractive options that come in various colors and patterns to go well in multiple settings. They also clean up well and don't stain as wood does, making them excellent options even if you have kids. Stone countertops offer great surface material designs that are exquisite. Furthermore, for surface material design, you could consider Fenix innovative materials are highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, dry heat, acid-based solvents and household reagents.


Shiny metal has become popular in recent years for its beautiful design and luxurious look. Many people are using it for cabinet pulls because it adds a little shine to their kitchens while staying on theme with current styles. Brass can come in other colors, too, so make sure you choose one that goes well with your decor style!

Kitchen cabinet material

Did you know that kitchen cabinets are made of several different types of materials? The most common ones are metal, glass, wood, and plastic. Today we will be focusing on what the future holds in store for kitchen cabinets regarding material types.

The top trend in kitchen cabinet material will be composite lumber because of how strong it is–it won't warp or bend as regular lumber does, which makes it great for high traffic areas that need durability! It's also resistant to moisture, so you don't have to worry about getting water damage if something leaks above your cabinets (like a sink). Composite lumber can come in different colors, too, depending on what type of look you want for your space!

How to choose kitchen cabinet hardware?

Kitchen cabinets are what most people see when they step foot in a kitchen, so it's essential to make sure you choose them wisely. Many modern interior designers will first look for hardware–cabinet pulls and knobs specifically. Hardware can set the tone for what your space looks like because of how much attention it draws!

The top trend is metal finishes like brushed nickel or polished chrome, which give off that clean industrial vibe that has become popular recently! These metals come in other colors, too, if you want something more neutral but still eye-catching. They also go well with decor styles as well as industrial ones.

What materials do modern interior designers use in kitchen hardware material

Materials used by modern designers for kitchen hardware include stainless steel, wood, plywood, medium density fiber wood (MDF), and aluminum composite panels.

You might want to take in consideration all those elements before planning for your kitchen renovation.